Zoom pays the bill for the “zoombombing”

Data protection continues to provoke legal battles. The American platform Zoom, the target of a collective complaint before a federal court in California about the “zoombombing”, agreed to pay millions of dollars to end the lawsuits.

“Zoombombing” consisted for computer hackers to enter a virtual meeting illegally in order to disseminate pornographic or racist content. However, the out-of-court settlement has yet to be approved by Federal Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California.

An exceptional year despite doubts The complainants also pointed out that Zoom shared their data with companies using third party software belonging to Facebook, Linkedln Navigator and Google. Beyond this amicable agreement, the company will undertake “a dozen major changes” to deal with these security problems. Last year, Zoom had already undertaken a lot of efforts to strengthen meeting security .

In 2020, even though the company was very popular during containment , many companies had advised against the use of Zoom, such as Google, Tesla, Daimler or SpaceX. Despite doubts about the security of the service , Zoom has had a year 2020 exceptional, and does not intend to stop there in 2021.

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