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Zelenskyy says Russia is throwing more troops into battle as Ukraine prepares for a major strike

origin 1The Ukrainian military is preparing for a major Russian offensive around the first anniversary of the invasion of Moscow. ©Libkos/Copyright 2022 The AP. All rights reserved.

The Ukrainian military is preparing for mass Russian bombing across the country any day now as the invasion of Moscow nears its one-year mark.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the nation in his Sunday night address that Russia has thrown more troops into battle.

“We see this increased pressure in various frontline areas, as well as pressure in the information field,” he said.

“It’s very difficult in the Donetsk region – there are fierce battles. But no matter how difficult it is and how much pressure there is, we have to hold on.”

Canadian Leopard 2 tanks ‘en route’ to Ukraine as troops prepare for suspected Moscow attacks

Ukrainian officials are expecting a major offensive this month for “symbolic” reasons. This, as Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov, should be replaced by the head of military intelligence Kirill Budanov.

Rumors of Reznikov’s possible resignation surfaced amid the corruption scandal plaguing President Zelenskyy’s government. It has led to several top Ukrainian officials, including frontline governors, losing their jobs last month.

Russian officials, however, said Ukraine is planning what it calls “a provocation” of a “false flag” operation in Kramatorsk this month.

In a statement by the defense ministry, it said that Kiev’s troops were plotting to attack medical facilities in the city and thereby accuse Moscow of committing war crimes.

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