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Zelenskyi’s advisor announced when the Ukrainian counterattack could begin

We are in no hurry, we will reorganize in the next two months. We exhaust the Russians in Bahmut and then focus elsewhere

Podoljak said.

He added that Russia focused most of its trained soldiers on the siege of Bahmut, as well as the units of the most combat-capable private military companies (he could be thinking of the Wagner group here).

The counselor said, in defense of Bahmut they have two goals:

to gain time to replenish their forces, and to cause heavy losses to the Russian forces.

According to him, the Russians will lose five to seven times as many soldiers at Bahmut as the Ukrainians, the number of dead and injured Russian militants may already be 40,000.

Cover photo: Ukrainian soldiers at Chassiv Yar near Bahmut. Source: Ignacio Marin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images