Zara Home's sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection

Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery here collection.

Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection

Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Zara Home’s sweetest Christmas with its Bakery collection

Zara Home gets into the kitchen so that this Christmas we can enjoy in the kitchen creating the most sweets “cuquis” and Christmas.

These parties that again suggest that they will be very home and intimate, -pandemic through – , baking can be a good plan to enjoy at home with culinary evenings in which the little ones can also be included.

Because this collection includes numerous molds and accessories so that the sweets and gingerbread cookies become houses, teaspoons, snowflakes or stars with which, ¿ why not? even decorate the Christmas tree.

As usual when Zara Home brings out a collection, its Bakery series includes all kinds of details to get the most out of the kitchen this Christmas. From a cookbook, through Kits to transport and give away sweets and even, baking papers decorated with Christmas motifs.

Everything is so beautiful and appetizing that it makes you want to start cooking and enjoy cooking with all your senses.

Red silicone mold in the shape of houses by 15, 100 €

Green silicone mold shaped like a spoon. Contains space for 6 units and includes recipe to make cookies by 7, 99 euros

Metal cookie cutters in gold color in the shape of a snowflake. Contains 3 units per 7, 99 euros

The molds are included in a complete Kit for making cookies and chocolate. This set contains silicone mold with Christmas shapes, cutters and kraft envelopes 19, 100 euros

Rectangular aluminum mold for biscuits with fir shapes and gingerbread cookies 29, 100 euros.

These parties the chocolates can be homemade with this silicone mold to make up to 12 chocolates with different shapes by 7, 99 euros . And pay attention because it includes the recipe.

The level of detail of Zara Home reaches the point of decorating the toothpicks with Christmas trees. Pack of 12 pine shape skewers by 3,99 euros

Piping bag set with five different heads and cleaner included by 12, 99 euros

And Ramekin for aluminum oven with spiral design and beige exterior by 9, 99 euros

Baking paper with drawings of cakes. Contains 20 units the pack of 5,99 euros .

The other stamping for the roll of baking paper includes candy sticks. Roll of special paper for cooking in the oven 19 units per 5,99 euros

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Has inspired us:

Amazon’s best-selling piping bag is disposable. From CukkiCakes are included 104 professional disposable piping bags of different sizes: 30 / 47 / 55 cm) by 9, 99 euros

CukkiCakes 99 Professional Disposable Pastry Sleeves (Sizes: 30 / 47 / 55 cm) – 100% Recyclable – Extra Thick Layer (0. 08 mm)

From Joyoldelf, 5 Reindeer, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Snowflake, and Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters by 7, 99 euros

joyoldelf Christmas Cookie Cutters, 5PCS Cookie Molds, Reindeer Shape, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Gingerbread Man

From Backefix. A large cms in diameter by 12, 90 euros

Backefix Non-stick ring cake – silicone mold bundt cake mold – gray Ø 23 cm