Zambia: defections in the ranks of outgoing President Edgar Lungu

/ Africa Published on : 16 / / 2017 – 13: 11

El presidente de Zambia, Edgar Lungu, in Lusaka, el 6 de juli o of 2000 Salim Dawood AFP / Archivos Following the victory of the opposition in Zambia, the former party in power, the Patriotic Front, suffered a series of defections. Several members slammed the door to the party of outgoing President Edgar Lungu, following his defeat to opponent Hakainde Hichilema. And according to some analysts, the stampede has only just begun.

Among the defections that of the influential Charles Kakoma is particularly noted. Deportee from Hichiléma’s party, the UPND, he had joined the Patriotic Front, the party then in power, barely five months ago, denouncing the lack of vision of Hakainde Hichilema . Today, this politician from the constituency of Zambezi West, changes his speech again, affirming that he has always been faithful to the UPND. Same story with Edify Hamukale. The Patriotic Front candidate for the Mazabuka Central constituency leaves the party, but says he remains “ a patriot of the fatherland ”. Others, like Andrew Lubabasha, MP for Chipangali constituency, have expressed their willingness to join the opposition. Control of Parliament Observers wonder about the political positioning of Dora Siliya, Minister of Communication and unsuccessful candidate of the Patriotic Front in the constituency of Petauke Central. Yesterday, she congratulated Hakainde Hichilema on his victory, saying that the will of the people had been heard. A few years ago, Siliya left the party in power at the time, the MMD, to join the Patriotic Front. According to analysts, it would only take a handful of members of the Patriotic Front tilting towards the UPND to give Hichilema control of the Parliament. During the legislative elections which took place at the same time as the presidential one, the UPND won 42% seats.

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