YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB

YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB

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YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB

YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

YouTube: how the new Smart Download works – RB


Smart Download is a new YouTube feature that will allow users to view their favorite content while saving on data consumption

14 January 2022

As referenced by 9to5Google Big G is about to introduce on the proprietary application YouTube a functionality already present on the application YouTube Music , useful for those who have a connection with limited data or found in areas with poor coverage. This is the Smart Download and you need to download videos from the platform.

Currently, those with limited mobile data can go to Settings> Data Saver and activate the saving mode which reduces the quality of the videos, uses only the WiFi and mutes the audio of the feeds. Subscribers to YouTube’s Premium service, on the other hand, can start testing the new feature while waiting for the official update to arrive. This way, you will be able to continue watching the videos you like even when you are away from home and do not have the proper connection. The Premium membership can be activated via the path Settings> Switch to YouTube Premium and there is a free trial month.

YouTube: what is Smart Download

The Smart Download is used to automatically download the videos to the smartphone when it is connected to the WiFi . By following the path Library> Downloads of the YouTube application, it will be possible activate the function , which will allow you to download up to 20 videos every week . The videos can then be found in the new Smart Download section present in Downloads .

To decide what to download will be a intelligent algorithm , which selects only what may be of interest to us. The same algorithm works pretty well on YouTube Music and should do the same on the video version.

The new function will only be active on the latest versions of the Android smartphones and requires a large enough storage space . Otherwise, users will be notified via notification that they are unable to download the content.

YouTube : when the Smart Download arrives

As anticipated, those in possession of a Premium subscription will be able to start trying the new function. In particular, only some $pean users can experiment with Smart Download, while – according to what 9to5Google reports – in the United States there would not yet be this possibility.

If it is available on your account, you can find it within the YouTube app by clicking on the icon with your initial located at the top right, by clicking on Settings and finally on Try the new features .

For a limited time only, YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to start trying out new features that are in development. We remind you that the subscription was designed by Google to allow you to watch videos without ads , download content and much more.

Who owns an iPhone will have to wait a little longer and, for the moment, will only have the possibility to try Picture in picture ( PIP ), to watch YouTube videos in a mini player while using other applications.