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Yes now I start to fuck

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Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Ilary Blasi bursts into the study of Big Brother Vip to present the new edition of the Island of the Famous. There is no shortage of jokes between her and the presenter of the reality show, as well as a reference to her alleged crisis with Totti.

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Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

In the study of the Big Brother Vip a relay race between reality shows is consumed, Alfonso Signorini welcomes the one who until a few years ago had been the hostess of the show, that is Ilary Blasi, which starting from Monday 21 March begins its adventure with the Island of the Famous. There is no shortage of digs and even jokes that make this meeting even more pungent.

Ilary Blasi’s advice to Alfonso Signorini

Ilary Blasi’s entry into the studio is accompanied by thunderous applause from the audience and ends with a hug with Alfonso Signorini who asks her what it’s like to go back to what had been her home: “I am very excited, to come back here where my adventure with reality TV started, but here in Cinecittà there was nothing, only the countryside, now it’s all Big Brother “. The presenter then wanted to address a very specific message to the host, not only complimenting him, but also trying to give him some advice:

I have to congratulate you Alfonso you have been very good, especially brave all this time, but I tell you something as a friend, everyone thinks it but no one tells you: Enough, the public is exasperated, they can’t take it anymore, please Alfonso from disappear tonight, find a hobby, buy yourself a dog, but disappear, call Giucas let yourself be hypnotized until September.

Alfonso Signorini, therefore, does not hesitate to argue in kind and laughingly declares: “No sorry can I tell you a word? Maybe I’m starting to fuck eh sorry, here we haven’t been hitting a nail for six months. ”

Barbara D’Urso at Big Brother Vip, will be a guest of the final

The crisis between Ilary and Totti

Could not miss, however, a reference to the gossip of the moment or what a profound crisis between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti wants, so the conductor asks for explanations on the matter: “Speaking of couplings, triangles, the rumors I hear about you”. The showgirl favors the game and says: “Ah, you don’t know anything? Read that I am separated at home and that I am divorcing yes “, on the wave of the joke he replies: “If you want I can lend you Alex Belli “.