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Yes, Chrome is about to get a makeover

Yes, Chrome is about to get a makeover

Nicola Ligas

Nicola Ligas of 07 September 2023, 15:53

This year Google did things big for his birthdayand the discounts on the company’s store have yet to arrive, but the search engine is not the only one to blow out the candles, because now it’s the turn of Chrome. The famous browser is in fact turning 15 years old, and is celebrating with some new features, first of all one new designwhich will debut soon on all desktop systems.

A renewed design…

Based on the Material Youthe design language already introduced some time ago on Android and beyond, Google will also change the look of Chrome, which in the next weeks will renew its icons, with a strong emphasis on readability, and will be enriched with new colors, which adapt better to tabs and the address bar. You can get a taste of it with the animation below.

nuovo chrome orig

The useful thing, and not just aesthetic, is that the different themes and colors can help differentiate the various profileslike the private one from the work one.

Additionally Chrome will more integrated with the operating system; for example, it will be able to follow the system light / dark theme, but not only.

… and not only!

The menus of the browser itself have also been revised, in particular the one for accessing extensionsto Google translatorand increasingly autonomous password manager.

Part of this renewal is also the new graphics of the Chrome Web Store, which we already saw last week, on which they will arrive new categories, such as AI-powered and Editors’ Choice extensions, as well as more personalized recommendations than before. Plus Chrome itself will warn you if an extension had been recently unpublished, either due to violation of some policy or because it was potentially malicious.

And still on the subject of safety, the safe navigationin order to try to block even “newly born” malicious sites, comparing them in real time with a continuously updated list on Google’s servers.

This should result in a 25% reduction in threats malware and phishing. This update will arrive on Chrome over the next few weeks.

And finally, a further strengthening of research, now even more an integral part of Chrome. When you are on a site, select the icon side panel (it should be at the top right, next to your profile picture), and select “search” from the drop-down menu at the top, in order to have an overview of related searches, and have other information on the sources of that page, or even start a new search on the fly. Again the illustration below will help us visualize everything better.

chrome pannello ricerca orig

Google Chrome

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