Download Xvideostudio.Video Editor iOS (iPhone / iPad) App: Popular free video editing apps on the App Store.

Xvideostudio.Video Editor is a fast and professional video editing application available for iPhone and iPad. Easy to use, free and no watermark! With user-friendly interactive experience, fast transfer of video materials and powerful editing feature, your edits are much more effective. Suitable for both professionals and beginners, the video editor is among the most popular video editing software on the App Store.

If you find Apple’s own video editing application iMovie insufficient and do not want to pay for professional video editing applications, I recommend the effective and free video editor Xvideostudio.Video Editor. editor apk Download for ios

Seamlessly transfer your video to the application with the user-friendly editing interface. Easily zoom in with your finger, easily select the scenes that need to be cut. To delete the clip, slide it up and down, long press on the clips and drag them where you want them.

You can add as many videos and images as you want without any time limit. Every step is saved automatically, you can continue editing whenever you want. You can also add your voice to the video. You can easily preview your work during the editing process.

You can add panning, filters, transition effects to your video, reversing and zooming, make the video more interesting, create animation effects and more. You can quickly import music, sound effects, fonts and stickers via AirDrop and WiFi. editor apk

You can add multiple music and sound effects to your video. You also have the opportunity to add and edit subtitles to your video. When your video is ready, you can record up to 4K 60fps in different resolutions and frame rates. Sharing support is also available on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms.