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Sexual reluctance is one of the problems that can be seen from time to time in almost every individual. This disorder, which can prevent women and men from having a healthy sexual life, can develop due to psychological, cultural, social and often medical conditions.

Sexual reluctance can cause problems arising from the harmony, understanding and relationship between the partners.

Although sexual anorexia is mostly seen in women in our society, it can also occur at a very high rate in men. Situations such as erectile dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation or difficulty in ejaculation can cool the man against sexuality.

Although sexual aversion is generally thought to be associated with psychological reasons, some underlying health problems can also lead to sexual reluctance. These;

  • Fears and anxieties about sexuality (feelings of shame, guilt, and guilt)
  • Inability to achieve sexual intercourse 
  • Pain or contraction during sexual intercourse  
  • Erection difficulties in men 
  • Premature ejaculation or difficulty in ejaculation,  
  • It consists of arousal or orgasm problems in women. 
  • In addition, sexual incompatibility between spouses can bring along various sexual problems arising from the relationship.

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Diagnostic Methods

The problem of sexual reluctance can lead to serious problems in couples who do not have intercourse for a long time, up to divorce for the future. Conflicts in the marriage, anger towards the spouse, feeling worthless or not knowing the body of the woman or man can cause sexual reluctance.

Apart from this, the use of psychiatric drugs or physical disorders can also cause reluctance. Hormonal imbalances, heart, liver or kidney diseases, and menopause can cause sexual reluctance in women. As a result, decreased sexual desire is a common sexual dysfunction that can affect men and women of all ages and in all sociocultural situations.

For sexual reluctance problem, you should definitely consult a specialist physician and attend the sessions with a partner if necessary. First of all, the reasons that cause the sexual reluctance of men or women should be investigated. After listening to the couple’s behavior towards each other and their family history, your physician may want to investigate them if there are other underlying causes with a physical examination.

Treatment Methods

Like all living creatures, sexuality is one of the most basic drives for us humans. Sexuality is presented as an indispensable requirement and an element of pleasure to ensure reproduction. Having a problem with sexuality is not only a health problem.

The mental health of the individual who cannot experience his sexuality and whose sexual satisfaction may be disrupted may deteriorate after a while. This disorder inevitably affects the closest partner first, then expands further to the public, affecting family members and their entire social life.

Sexual reluctance is a treatable problem. However, during the treatment process, the spouses should be patient with each other and not force each other. The aim of the treatment is to provide deteriorated communication between spouses and to build sexual harmony.

Treatment of sexual reluctance can be carried out with psychological and drug therapy depending on the underlying causes. If the underlying causes are psychological, it can be treated with sexual therapy, family therapy or physical exercises.

If sexual reluctance develops due to anatomical problems, hormonal problems, heart and blood pressure, prostate diseases, overweight, neurological disorders or previous urological surgeries, your physician may also recommend medication or other treatment methods to eliminate these problems.