Xiaomi presents a 100 W wireless charger, so powerful that no mobile phone takes advantage of it

The new Xiaomi wireless charger is prepared for the future advances of the company and the industry in general with this technology.

Last week, Xiaomi presented its most cutting-edge mobile so far, the Xiaomi MIX 4 ; all its components are high-end, including the new Snapdragon processor 888 +, the main camera of 108 MP, fast charging 120 W and wireless charging of 50 W. Therefore, it is still surprising that the company, almost at the same time, has launched a product that leaves something “obsolete” to that model .

The new Mi Wireless Charging Stand is a wireless charger that, at first glance, seems special due to its elegant design, with a transparent stand and the use of black and copper colors. But more impressive is the power figure that Xiaomi claims it is capable of providing, nothing less than 100 W . That’s twice what the MIX 4 supports, and in fact, it is above what any smartphone is capable of currently supporting, as explained in Fone Arena .

With such power, this could not be a conventional charger. For starters, it has a built-in fan that activates dynamically to keep temperatures at safe levels, the big problem with wireless charging. It also has all kinds of protections for overload, overvoltage, against electrostatics, and detection of foreign objects that can cause problems.

In addition, it has a calibration system to ensure that energy is transferred safely, even if it does not have magnets like MagSafe or MagDart, the Realme alternative . To power the stand stably, a power adapter of W and a 6 amp cable.

Despite its power, this charger works with all mobile phones that are compatible with the Qi standard , although it will charge them to the maximum power they support and not to 100 W. For example, the Xiaomi MIX 4 “only” would load to 50 W, although the company claims that’s enough to recharge all 4. 500 mAh battery in just 28 minutes.

The new charger of 100 W it will cost 599 yuan in China, slightly more than 78 euros, although its launch has not yet been confirmed in Europe, as has the MIX 4.


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