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With the tools offered in the x videostudio Video Editor application, you can create great works from your photos and videos.

X Videostudio Video Editor Apk Free Download For Android Phone

The x videostudio Video Editor application stands out as a comprehensive video editing application that you can use on your Android devices.

You can edit your videos and photos without any difficulty thanks to the simple and convenient interface of the Video Editor application, which brings an advanced toolkit for video editing to your smartphones. You can also make compatible videos for your Instagram profile in the X Videostudio Video Editor Editor APK, which offers video cropping and cutting, adding music to videos, video volume control, adding text and emoji to videos, video filters and many more.

Since the tools offered in the X Videostudio Video Editor APK, which supports up to 080p resolution, are placed neatly, you can easily access the tools you need and continue your editing process by seeing the previews. After getting familiar with it, you can download the Video Editor application for free, where you can create highly professional videos.

X Videostudio Video Editor Apk Features:

  • Video cutting and trimming
  • Adding background music to videos
  • Add text, emojis and photos to videos
  • Video filters and effects
  • Record and share in 1080p quality
  • Synchronize audio and video

X Videostudio Video Editor Apk Free Download For Android Phone

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Meilleur éditeur vidéo et éditeur de photos, également coupeur vidéo professionnel. Le meilleur créateur de films et éditeur de vidéos HD avec musique vous aide à créer facilement des vidéos, à éditer des vidéos pour YouTube / Instagram.

Ce créateur de vidéo est utilisé pour couper et créer une vidéo, fusionner une vidéo, ajouter de la musique à une vidéo, recadrer une vidéo pour Youtube / Instagram.

Aussi le meilleur éditeur d’images et de photos! Pratique, complet et amusant! Créez facilement des vidéos avec art avec InShot.

Professional Video Editor
– Video Trimming / Trimming (length you want)
– Video Joiner and Video Joiner. Merge and compress video without losing quality.
– Customized video filters and glitch effects. Change video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Set.
– Change the aspect ratios to the ratio suitable for all environments, such as 1: 1, 16: 9, 3: 2. No corp program for Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.
– Rotate / Flip Video.
– Add different borders and no crops. Colorful border and background blur.

Music & Sound Effects & Voice Recorder
– Adding music behind video. Add free music with InShot, or add your own music and sound effects such as Mp3 files and other formats to the video.
– Add your own voice to your video like a recorder
– Easy to synchronize audio and video with timeline features.
– Volume control for both original video and original mp3 songs.
– Video maker with music. Add music to video like Vinkle

Artistic Filters & Glitch Effects
– Lots of filter and effects for video and photos.
– Stylish filters, retro filters, film style filters, thin surface filters.
– Glitch, Old TV, RGB, Mirror, Noise, Mosaic, Print.
– Change video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Set. Customized video filters and video effects.

Video Transition Effects
– Pro video editor with cool transitions. Add at least two clips and merge the two clips with transition effects.
– 55+ transition effects are now available in InShot.

Add text
– Multiple fonts to choose from.
– Add text on video and photo.
– Easy to sync text and emoji with video with timeline features.

Bokeh Video maker
– Photo slideshow maker, combine photos to create slideshow with music.
– Mix videos with videos, easily convert video to MP4 format. Free video maker.

Photo editor & collage
– Many stylish layouts.
– Unique filters, effects and colorful backgrounds, background blur.
– Multiple rates are supported. Cute frame fun memes.

Video Converter & Slideshow Maker
– Convert video to MP4 format easily. Free video cutter app.
– Photo slideshow maker, combine photos to create slideshow with music.

Bokeh Video Share
– 1080P video supported.
– Customized video output resolution.
– Social apps like YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Share

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