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Would you like to buy government securities? We’ll show you how to do it for free

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Government bonds are a popular investment for several reasons: their purchase can be cost-free and easy, and they can also provide returns above inflation. Money invested in government securities is guaranteed by the Hungarian state, so this form of investment is practically risk-free. Another argument in favor of government bonds is that, while we have to pay interest tax on the return of most investments, here we can also be exempted from this.

In order to be able to buy government securities, it is worth visiting a Hungarian State Treasury securities registration account to open. We can do this in the following places:

  • the Hungarian State Treasury in its offices and sales points (list of here available),
  • it’s like that In a mailboxwhich also deals in the sale of government securities, as well as
  • online, Customer gateway with the help of

For the latter, on the page, select “Finance”, then “Investments, savings, loans”, and then “MÁP – Securities registration account opening at the Hungarian State Treasury”.

The securities account kept at the treasury is completely free, you don’t have to count on extra expenses when shopping. Government securities can be purchased from various banks and investment service providers, but these financial institutions often charge account management or individual transaction costs.

Once our account is ready, we can process the purchase and sale of government securities

  • in personin the offices of the State Treasury,
  • onlineif we requested WebKincstár access when opening the account,
  • on a mobile phoneif MobilKincstár access has also been requested.

You can also track the exact value of our government securities on the internet, and you can even buy securities immediately by paying by bank card. Purchased government securities can be sold at any time (although a penalty may be charged for some of them), and at maturity, depending on our prior decision, we will either receive the full value to the treasury account, or it will be transferred to a pre-specified account number.

The three government securities offering the highest interest rates on March 14, 2023
NameSeriesDurationStart of validityRate of interest

Premium Hungarian government paper


7 years19.01.202316.00%

Premium Hungarian government paper


4 years19.01.202315.25%

Bonus Hungarian government paper


3 years21.02.202315.17%

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