The World’s Fastest Mobile Internet Operators Announced!

Using SpeedTest data, Ookla announced the operators with the fastest mobile internet in the world. Etisalat, based in the United Arab Emirates, ranked first with an average speed of 115.89 Mbps.

United Arab Emirates-based telecommunications operator Etisalat has been declared the world’s fastest mobile operator by Ookla. According to independent tests carried out by Ookla, Etisalat offers a much higher mobile internet speed than mobile operators serving in any region of the world.

According to the data announced by Ookla, Etisalat has an average score of 98.78 in Ookla’s Speed Score category with an average download speed of 115.89 Mbps. According to Ookla Speedtest data, there is no other operator that has achieved an average score of over 90 in the Speed Score category.

Operators with the fastest mobile internet according to Ookla SpeedTest

World's Fastest Mobile Network

World’s Fastest Mobile Network

Etisalat, both 1st quarter-2 of 2020. both in quarter and 2nd quarter-3. fastest mobile internet in the quarter; also in the 3rd quarter-4 of 2019. It also won the Speedtest Award in the fastest fixed broadband internet categories during the quarter. The company has now officially proven to have the fastest mobile internet.

When we look at other operators in the Speed Score category, we see that South Korean SK Telecom ranks second with an average score of 89. Ooredoo from Qatar is third, Bulgarian Vivacom is fourth, and T-Mobile Netherlands is fifth. List of the top 10 while serving in United States are not any mobile operator.

World’s Fastest Mobile Network

Etisalat has been recognized as the world’s fastest mobile network provider by Ookla, the global internet speed test service. Between January and July, Etisalat provided the world’s fastest mobile download speeds in the United Arab Emirates, with an average download speed of 115.89 Mbps.