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work for refugees from Ukraine

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RIETI – Even the companies of the logistics hub of Passo Corese, the Amazon distribution center in the lead, want to play an active role in welcoming Ukrainian refugees. It starts with initiatives in support of the nearest local realities, and therefore to the people who have found refuge in the municipality of Fara Sabina, where, from March 5 to today, about 50 refugees have arrived. Last weekend the mayor of Farense, Roberta Cuneo, had several contacts with the companies of the pole and with the e-commerce giant, gathering the willingness to support both families and host structures and people fleeing the war. In this sense, with the involvement of the employment center, solutions are being examined to be able to insert, in the various companies of the pole, women who want to undertake a career path. Moreover, Amazon from the beginning has been at the forefront to support the Ukrainian population and the activities of the voluntary associations that are providing aid.
“In recent weeks as a company we have taken steps to help people affected by the conflict as best we can – explain the multinational -. We have donated $ 5 million to support humanitarian efforts for organizations that are providing essential support on the ground, including Unicef, Unhcr, World Food Program, Red Cross, Polska Akcja Humanitarna and Save the Children. We have also announced the creation, together with Save the Children, of a wish list that includes products that Italian customers can donate from the dedicated page on Amazon.it. Since March 8, we have suspended shipping of retail products to customers based in Russia and Belarus and will no longer accept new Aws customers from Russia and Belarus, nor Amazon sales partners. We are also suspending access to Prime Video for customers based in Russia and will no longer be accepting orders for New World, the only video game we sell directly in Russia. Unlike other US tech companies, Amazon and AWS have no data centers, infrastructure or offices in Russia and we have not done business with the Russian government, by choice, for a long time.

Upcoming events. In Fara Sabina, meanwhile, what has just opened will be a busy week, in which the mayor Roberta Cuneo and the deputy mayor Simone Fratini, delegate to social services, will hold a series of meetings to plan, in terms of services to be provided, the reception of citizens from Ukraine who have already arrived in Fara Sabina: constantly growing. «We are trying to organize – comments Cuneo – the integration of all the people who have arrived in the area. In the first week we limited ourselves to opening our municipality to them, now we have to set up a system of integration into society that can allow them to integrate and rebuild their daily lives. We will meet the people welcomed so far, the director of the comprehensive institute Fara Sabina to develop a calendar for the inclusion of the children in the various complexes of the hamlets, the families that in some cases host these nuclei, the associations, including sports, and Caritas ” .