Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB

Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB

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Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB

Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Windows antivirus arrives on Android and Mac – RB


Free Windows antivirus will no longer be just for Windows: Microsoft is preparing to make it cross-platform

14 January 2022

Over the years Microsoft Defender (ex Windows Defender ) has gone from being an antivirus snubbed by more experienced users, which disabled in order to install commercial antivirus without creating conflicts, being the reference antivirus for the Windows world: today, in fact, the vast majority of Microsoft’s operating system users use no antivirus other than Defender. Apparently, users will be able to do so soon Mac and Android .

On the Microsoft Store , in fact, a preview page of the new Defender, classified as a Microsoft product but available, and this is the news, even for other operating systems. Or, better: the description of the antivirus and IT security application contains the description “ Security, simplified. Microsoft Defender is your personal defense against digital threats. Protect your devices on all operating systems including Windows, Apple and Android “. This means, in practice, that Defender becomes multiplatform and can also be downloaded and installed on Android smartphones and Apple Mac computers.

The new Microsoft Defender

However, it should be specified that the Defender we are talking about is a new app , largely redesigned and rewritten by Microsoft developers. The interface has been very simplified , while it has been added the ability to check the security of all devices connected to one same Microsoft account .

The new Defender derives from the project ” Gibraltar ” , which also includes a version for iOS (evidently not ready yet). At the moment, as can also be seen from the page published on the Microsoft Store, the antivirus Defender remains free .

Why Microsoft gives away the antivirus

That Microsoft gives antivirus to its Windows users is not strange at all: today everyone expects an operating system to be safe and have specific tools against the malware and cyber threats .

But why also give it to Android users and even Mac users? Actually Microsoft already develops several software for Android and macOS, such as the browser Edge (free) and the suite Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office, for a fee). The choice to also offer Antivirus Defender for free is probably an attempt to push more users to create a Microsoft account , in order to gradually push them to try more Microsoft products.