After Windows 11, which came in the past months, Microsoft introduced the new operating system Windows 11 SE, which came with a very similar appearance to the system. Windows 11 SE was designed specifically for students and schools.

Microsoft introduced the new operating system Windows 11 in the past months, and then the operating system was introduced. The system, which has been criticized on many issues from the system requirements to the errors it contains, was also discussed with the changes it brought in design.

While Windows 11 was still quite new, a new operating system came from Microsoft this time to rival Chrome OS. The target audience of the system, which was introduced with the name of Windows 11 SE, is students and schools.

Specially prepared for low specification devices:

Microsoft Surface

We said that Microsoft’s target with Windows 11 is schools and students. Exactly for this reason, the operating system is designed in such a way that it does not require a very powerful system. The system, which will come with all Microsoft 365 applications installed, will also support third-party applications such as Chrome or Zoom. Microsoft cites the reason for this decision as ‘to give schools the option to use the apps that are best for them’.

One of the benefits of Windows 11 SE coming to students is its simplified interface compared to Windows 11. The operating system, where Widgets have been removed to avoid distractions, will also automatically open all applications in full screen mode. In addition, to make it easier for students to use outside of school, all their work and documents will be saved to OneDrive by default with Windows 11 SE.

Manufacturers began to produce devices for Windows 11 SE:

Microsoft Surface

Windows 11 SE will only be used for low-cost and low-feature computers. At this point, it has been shared that manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JK-IP, Lenovo and Positivo have started to produce new computers for Windows 11 SE.

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Microsoft also introduced a laptop specific to its operating system, which is very affordable with a price tag of $ 249. The new computer, called Surface Laptop SE, will come with Windows 11 SE installed.