Windows 10

Windows 10 Installation Will Be So Easy With This Feature

Thanks to the new feature coming to Windows 10, it becomes very easy to customize the system. Thanks to the Windows 10 user profiles feature , you  can personalize the Windows 10 installation by selecting the ready-made profiles.

Microsoft has released a new preview of Windows 10 Build 20231 for Insiders (Early Access). Thanks to the new feature introduced for Windows 10, the ability to associate user-specific profiles has been added. This means that Windows 10 can be customized depending on its intended use.

What is the Windows 10 User Profiles feature?

This innovation, announced as Windows 10 custom user profiles, can be thought of as the emergence of a new OOBE (First-To-Use Experience) page during the initial setup of the operating system. Users who installed Windows 10 for the first time; It can choose from a set of predefined profiles such as gaming, entertainment, and business, and use custom-designed configuration settings based on selections.

Microsoft explains the new feature ” Insiders can see the different options offered in the OOBE, depending on the profile they choose. But at the moment, Insiders will not notice another configuration difference after they exit the OOBE. We look forward to sharing future improvements in this area. “

It should be noted that this tool in Windows 10 Build 20231 is under development, so different variations of the OOBE page may not have been edited yet. The new feature was first introduced for Insider members, but later on, all Windows 10 owners will be able to try out specially designed configuration settings.

Apart from the new customized user profiles, a video conferencing tool integrated into the clipboard will be presented with Windows 10 Build 20231. Users will be able to participate in online meetings using the “Meet Now” feature, but it is unknown which applications (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet) will be supported in this panel.