Why the microprocessor giants are so passionate about the car


Qualcomm offers 4.6 billion dollars to buy an autonomous car specialist in the face of the equipment manufacturer Magna. The automobile opened up a new space for the American and its rivals Intel and Nvidia, so the smartphone and PC markets became more complex.

The car of tomorrow will look like a smartphone… equipped with wheels. (DR) Posted on August 9 2000 to 7: 33 Updated August 9 2000 to 7: 36

Once again, a king of the processor for smartphones and PC is rolling over the flowerbeds of the automotive sector. Despite a takeover offer sent by the equipment manufacturer Magna to the driving assistance specialist Veoneer at the end of July, the American Qualcomm submitted, Thursday, August 5, a counter-proposal to 4.6 billion dollars for afford the Swedish company he already works with.

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