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Why pay for Paramount+ when you can get it for free?

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Over the past couple of years, savvy wire cutters have known how to get Paramount+ (the service formerly known as CBS All Access) without paying a dime.

Virtually every month, Paramount (the media company formerly known as ViacomCBS) hands out coupons for a month of free service, good for both new and returning subscribers. As long as you don’t already have an active subscription, you can redeem these coupons repeatedly and never pay for Paramount+. The codes also work with Paramount + Premium, which has limited ads and provides a live local CBS stream.

The current free Paramount+ codes starting December 2, 2022, for doctor of creditI am TULSAKING or FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE. While Paramount occasionally promotes deals on Paramount+, the wisest move is to avoid paying and stick to these free codes instead.

Free is better than cheap

I wrote about these free coupons for the first time in October 2020, when the service was still called CBS All Access. The process for redeeming them hasn’t changed since then, but here’s a refresher:

Log into paramountplus. com (or create an account if you don’t have one). Important: This coupon only works on the Paramount+ website. Do not register using the Paramount+ app. Select the Premium plan and make sure you choose monthly billing.
Proceed to the final payment page and find the box that says “Your plan.” Click the blue “Have a coupon code?” link, then enter your coupon (currently TULSAKING or FANTASY FOOTBALL MOVIE) in the box. Before confirming your subscription, check that the trial offer shows one month free and that the total charge is $0.

origin 1To enter your code, look for the “Have a coupon code” link on the final checkout page.

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You don’t need to be a new subscriber to redeem these free Paramount+ codes, but you cannot add them to an active subscription. Instead, you must let your subscription expire before entering a new code.

To avoid being billed automatically at the end of the free month, cancel the subscription one day after registering. (I’ve found that if you cancel immediately, you’ll cancel the free trial.) You’ll still get the full month, and the subscription will automatically cancel at the end.

My favorite tactic for remembering to cancel? Use the “Snooze” feature in Gmail for the Paramount+ confirmation email, but you can also simply add an item to your calendar or ask your phone’s voice assistant or smart speaker to set a reminder for you.

origin 1You can cancel Paramount+ online before your subscription has expired and still get the full month.

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You can cancel online via the Paramount+ account page. To complete the cancellation, you will need to decline Paramount’s offer for 50% off two months and then provide a reason why you are terminating your membership. (I usually just say it’s too expensive. What streaming service isn’t?)

Once your subscription has expired, you can repeat the process again. The Doctor of Credit website has a page that often lists the latest codeand I usually put them in my weekly newsletter Cable cutter when new ones arrive.

Will the free codes last?

I have no way of knowing whether Paramount+ will continue to offer free coupons in the future — the company didn’t respond to a request for comment on its strategy — so skipping the most widely promoted sales is a bit of a gamble. However, it’s worth noting that Paramount+ has offered discounts in the past, just to keep its coupon model free for those who haven’t taken the bait.

When it first rebranded from CBS All Access last year, for example, Paramount+ allowed customers to purchase a one-year membership for $30 with ads or $50 without, a 50% discount either way. cases. Whoever took that deal missed out on the many free monthly coupons that followed.

Also, the free coupon strategy seems to have worked well for Paramount. In a press release, the company says it exceeded first-year growth goals for Paramount+ after rebranding the service from CBS All Access in March 2021 and ended last year with 32.8 million subscribers. In my previous coverage, the company said it has been very successful at turning giveaway shoppers into paying customers.

This makes sense to me. On a large enough scale, it’s easy to imagine millions of people either not bothering to cancel, not knowing that free monthly coupons are a regular occurrence, or genuinely loving Paramount+ enough to feel that the full price is justified. And while I keep insisting that you shouldn’t pay for Paramount+, I’m well aware that my soapbox isn’t particularly big.

But for those of us in the know, maybe it’s for the best.

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