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Why doesn’t MP want uranium mining in Sweden?

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SD response on Russian energy addiction

Published: Less than 2 hours ago

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full-screen parliamentarian politics reduced the willingness to invest in nuclear energy and halted uranium mining in Sweden. It made us addicted to Russian uranium. Replication from SD. Photo: TT

ANSWER. In a debate article on April 11, the Green Party spokesperson asks: “Why don’t M, KD and SD want to stop Russian uranium?”

The question is meant to provoke but deserves to be taken seriously. Let’s talk about Sweden’s energy needs and the needs for preparation and self-sufficiency.

Sweden needs electricity at all times of the year, at reasonable prices. The pace of electrification requires security of supply, efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Unlike MP, we therefore want to develop the energy system with a focus on stable, fossil-free nuclear energy.

This is also one of the most effective climate measures Sweden can take and absolutely crucial for the state to avoid repeatedly paying electricity subsidies.

The parliamentarian’s policy reduced the willingness to invest in nuclear energy and stopped mining for uranium in Sweden. These decisions made us dependent on Russian uranium and instead renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy were subsidized.

Renewable energies are necessary but cannot form the basis of the energy system. To manage climate-dependent types of energy, there needs to be parallel production of energy in the form of nuclear energy that is programmable and that can regulate the loss when there is no wind or the sun is not shining.

When the MP asks why SD does not stop Russian uranium, we want to put a counter-question to the Green Party: why don’t you want to allow uranium mining in Sweden?

During the time the MP was in government, all forms of mining in Sweden were thwarted. In the Fraser Institute’s ranking of how attractive different countries are for making investments related to mining, Sweden has lost its reputation as a mining nation. No new mines have been established in Sweden for a long time.

Representatives of the business community in recent years have repeatedly highlighted shortcomings regarding licensing procedures and environmental assessments for the mining industry in particular. A problem in which MP was involved and created.

For us, energy policy is not about poster politics or making cheap points on disgusting war under international law. Ukraine.

For us, the key is to ensure a robust, fossil-free energy system with increased supply capacity to cope with current and future crises – we do this with more nuclear power and uranium mining in Sweden.

Martin Kinnunen, spokesperson for environmental policy (DS)
Mattias Bäckström Johansson, spokesperson for energy policy (DS)
Eric Palmqvist, Riksdag member, responsible for mining affairs (SD)

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Published: April 19, 2022 at 3:55 pm