Why 2020 Could Be The Year We Contact Aliens You’ve just settled down for the evening. The pizza you ordered is on its way and your favorite alien-fighting duo Rick and Morty are about to come on the TV.

Then suddenly you hear a beeping sound and
on the screen you see, “Emergency Broadcast.”

The beep stops and you hear the words, “We
interrupt this program for an important message

from the President.”

Wow, you think, this could be exciting.

The next shot is the President himself sitting
at his office in the White House.

“Dear fellow citizens,” he says, “Today
I am addressing you with news that could be

world-changing, for what you are about to
hear is without precedent.

Today the United States has made contact with

This is going to be big, like, really big,
bigger than you can imagine.”

Maybe some of you are looking forward to the
day of this happening and maybe some of you

are dreading this day.

However you feel, if you believe some scientists,
it’s only a matter of time before we are

contacted by aliens.

Some people believe in a kind of alien zoo
theory, which means we are already being watched

over, but the super-intelligent life form
that is observing us has just not made contact.

Maybe aliens don’t want to interfere and
it’s better for us to do things our own

way down here.

That said, they are watching as we pollute
our planet.

They have seen us wage wars and create weapons
of mass destruction.

They have stood by for a long time, but if
some of those environmental scientists are

right, maybe by 2050 human civilization will
come to an end.

With that in mind, perhaps those aliens up
there in space kinda like us cuddly humans

and don’t want us to self-destruct.

Those guys regularly watch the Infographics
Show and they just adore Ed Sheeran.

They don’t want to see doomsday and so have
had a chat with each other and agreed to make


The question is, is there any evidence for

What would we do if they made contact?

First of all, it’s unlikely if aliens did
make contact they’d be fluent in one of

our many languages and just get the President
on the phone and be like, “Hey, we are a

group of intergalactic aliens originating
from the planet Karzion.

We’ve just called because we’re a bit
concerned about environmental degradation

on Earth and the fact you worship money above
all other things.

We don’t wanna sound harsh, but with that
and all the hostilities down there we’ve

decided it’s time to teach you a thing or

We’ll be down in a minute or two.


That’s a highly unlikely scenario, but since
2007 astronomers have been detecting mysterious

radio waves coming from outer space.

They don’t exactly know what they are, and
some scientists suggest they could be evidence

of alien life.

The pulses of these radio waves are short….

milliseconds short.

That’s why they’re called “fast radio
bursts” or FRBs if you’re in the astronomy


These bursts are coming from billions of light
years away and might only be space phenomena

happening, such as stars merging together,
but they might also be extraterrestrial life.

Last year astronomers used a radio telescope
to look for more of these flashes, and they

found some.

So far they’ve detected about 60 of these
FRBs but two of them are of great interest.

That’s because they are repeating.

Maybe one blast alone could just be phenomena
in space, but when they repeat…well…that

could be something staying out there.

There’s this guy named Frank Drake, and
he’s the astronomer that kicked off our

first modern type of exploration for extraterrestrial

You might have heard something about the Drake
Equation, which estimates how many alien civilizations

there are in the Milky Way.

That’s the Galaxy where we live if you’re

It’s Frank’s opinion that there is something
like 10,000 broadcasting societies in our

Milky Way, but the Milky Way is a big place
and contains maybe 100 to 300 billion stars.

If aliens don’t contact us and we have to
find them in this great mass of stars, it

will take some time.

We are getting there, but 2020 might be optimistic.

But 2020 will be a big year, that’s for

Those looking for alien life are getting some
new parts for one of their best Telescopes

and if aliens are pointing signals at us from
deep space we now have new technology in the

form of something called the “Very Energetic
Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System.”

That’s a mouthful, so you can call it “VERITAS.”

This is about as sophisticated as alien searching
tech has ever gotten, and 2020 will be the

year it’s put to full use.

With this thing astronomers can look for flashes
of light, and those flashes might be aliens.

Think of it this way, if the most powerful
lasers we have on Earth were sent out to distant

stars, with VERITAS we could detect that laser

It’s like we are now searching for alien

This project set a Russian billionaire back
$100 million, but already it’s been used

to survey 1,000 stars that are all within
160 light-years away.

We just haven’t spotted any signals yet,
but this year astronomers are hoping for something

positive to light up their telescope.

That would figuratively and literally be a
blast for those guys.

You might now wonder, so what will we do if
we do detect something out there?

Well, firstly, scientists have come up with
a scale that rates the detection.

If one of those fast radio bursts is spotted
it gets a rating from 0 to 10, with 1 not

much to make an astronomer put down his frosty
cappuccino and 10 being something that would

make him spill the thing all over himself.

A ten is basically definite alien life that
is hovering over Earth looking for a place

to park their spaceship.

The problem is, sometimes the signals that
are found could be something generated here

on Earth, and as one scientist put it, astronomers
might think they have found an alien radio

signal when they’ve actually only discovered
a taxi.

There’s also the fact that what looks like
genuine signals from far off in space are

not what they seem.

In 2015, you might have seen the headlines
about an “alien megastructure” that had

sat itself in front of something that got
named “Tabby’s Star.”

Its starlight just kept getting dimmer and
dimmer, as if something was being constructed

in front of it.

It was something never seen, and a bunch of
scientists started whispering “alien”

in the lab canteen.

It turned out after more research that the
phenomenon was just the star’s light passing

through a great big mass of space dust.

But what if we were really sure that there
was something out there?

The problem now is what do we say to it?

This is a conundrum that has driven astronomers
and other scientists crazy for a long time.

We might be able to send signals out and they
might be able to project signals here, but

how would we really communicate?

Maybe there’s some “language of the universe”
scientists have said, something that everything

or everyone should be able to understand.

That’s what scientists are looking for,
some signal or language that is so complex

that it is likely to be from an alien civilization.

Then we’d have to decipher it, and we’d
need some kind of Rosetta stone for the universe.

That’s the stone that allowed us to understand
Egyptian hieroglyphs.

On the other side of the coin, a group of
astronomers belonging to something called

“Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence
International” are trying to send signals

out to space as beams that carry information
relating to the periodic table of elements.

We haven’t heard anything back just yet,
and the assumption that aliens will share

any of our science is a very big assumption.

As some philosophers might tell you, we cannot
conceive of something that doesn’t exist

to us.

Aliens might have heads, geometry, egos, something
similar to Instagram and the Peanut Butter

and Jelly sandwich, but they might also be
something that right now we cannot possibly


You can’t even try and imagine it, because
your imagination is based on things in this


This is the astronomers’ great problem.

When we talk about aliens coming down in spaceships
and blowing things up, or them looking down

at us and shaking their big heads in disbelief
as we riot at Walmart on Black Friday, we

are assuming aliens are like us, with human
reasoning and feelings.

We assume that, because if they can travel
in space, they must have human-like intelligence,

but again that’s a big assumption.

Ok, so what if…what if this year we discover
a signal and it has been verified as coming

from an extraterrestrial life form?

Would it be like in the movies and a bunch
of guys stand around in the White House with

the military man shouting that we should,
“Nuke ‘em.”?

Well, there are a bunch of protocols in place
for post-detection, but they aren’t international

law yet.

You might say they are more like sound advice.

One of them was created by those alien-searching
astronomers we have talked about and it was

called the “Declaration of Principles for
Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial


Basically, the protocol says scientists must
verify the hell out of that signal before

it’s announced to governments around the
world and the Secretary-General of the United


Step two, you the public receive that “Emergency
Broadcast” during Rick and Morty.

Next, governments agree if a signal should
be sent back, and if they give the green light,

that message must adhere to certain principles
that cover things like territory, justice,

honesty, respect for property, and respect
for cultural diversity.

Let’s say those guys get closer and to our
surprise they are just as we imagined.

That’s green guys with slim physiques and
giant heads, and they are partial to Peanut

Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

What were the odds of that?!

Would they destroy us, like something from
that movie Mars Attacks?

Some futurists think no, because they likely
would have gone through all the stages of

cultural evolution on their planet if they
could develop space travel technology.

They would have seen wars and famine and all
kinds of bad business, and come here merely

as very advanced peace-loving friends and

If they did want to destroy us, it would likely
be easy given that they could cross the universe.

Others disagree, painting the scenario of
an explorer civilization that would likely

do just as we do and colonize things.

They’d take ownership of us and have us
working in their sweatshops making their alien


Just as the now-deceased famous physicist
Stephen Hawking predicted, aliens would be

hostile nomads in this scenario.

In his view, we’d soon be calling ourselves
Native-Earthlings and talking about the damn


We’d also have to do something about immigration
calling some human people “aliens”, with

the upshot of that being that we might start
to embrace each other down here.

The new threat would be the real aliens.

If aliens have traveled this far, they could
be part of intergalactic confederations or


That might sound like Star Wars, but why not
if they’ve arrived on Earth already.

They might teach us how to travel faster than
the speed of light and one day we might become

part of an alliance.

Serious scientists have said this by the way,
it’s not just the imagination of an Infographics

Show writer.

If they did want to come join us in peace,
we’d have to think about the issue of the

illegal immigration of extraterrestrial people.

No kidding, we’d really have to figure that
out and no doubt the public would take to

Twitter and passionately disagree with each

We’d have to consider alien pathogens brought
here and dangerous invasive organisms that

might have traveled with them.

No doubt there’d be real science, but also
a lot of disgruntled earthlings making stuff

up about those dirty aliens coming here to
take our jobs and drive up crime rates.

It would be a complicated relationship and
can you imagine if those aliens started challenging

world religions.

“Hey guys, those Gods you have been talking
about…well…we have something to tell you

about that…”

Maybe this is all just a matter of time, if
you believe in the “theory of plenitude”.

That’s that everything is possible in the

As the great Mr. carl Sagan once said, “The
origin of life on suitable planets seems built

into the chemistry of the Universe.”

One day our astronomers are going to get that
call from outer space and we are going to

stare at our screens with a sense of excitement
and dread.

The aliens are coming and things will never
be the same again.

You might believe we’ve already seen them
and there is a conspiracy to hide that information,

but NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said
when he was doing his snooping on the CIA

and NSA databases he could find no evidence
of extraterrestrials.

If you believe him, they’re not close yet,
but that’s not to say they might well be

on the way.

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