Do not be upset if you are not very satisfied with your hair.

With the questions we ask, we will get to know both you and your hair very closely and we will find the most WHICH HAIRSTYLE SUITS ME suitable haircut for you.

Which Hairstyle Suits Me

Hair is actually the clothing of a person’s face. Because the hairstyle that suits the long face with the round face or the hair color that suits the white skin and the wheat-colored skin are different. For this, we have life-saving advice for you.

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Which hairstyle suits me? Here is how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape. Face shapes and hairstyles are a tricky topic. This video shows you how to find your face shape among the 6 main face shapes, with an easy test method.

Then I describe each shape (oval, square, round, heart, diamond and long) and how to recognize it. Once you know which shape your face has, I give you tips on how to get a hairstyle that suits your face.

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This knowledge is not a “rule” that everyone should follow: it is the guidance based on which you can make informed decisions about getting bangs or not, choosing a hair length, styling, etc… Enjoy!

face shapes

Crepe for short faces

If you want your face to appear longer, you should raise the crown of your hair a little with crepe. Especially when you collect your hair in the shape of a ponytail, it is the best choice to make crepe on the top. In addition, leaving the hair on the top in a haircut will make your face appear longer.

Wavy hair to long faces

If you complain about your long face, stay away from straight oval hair with sharp lines. These hairstyles make the face look even longer. Instead, adding some waves and layers to long hair will make the face look wider and add volume to your hair. However, if you want to use short hair, straight cut hair at chin level will be suitable for you.

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Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to change something in your overall look? Perhaps, you wanted to get a new hairstyle but never got brave enough to do it.

We at 1 Million Tests are well aware of how difficult it might be to choose the haircut that matches both your face oval and your lifestyle.

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That’s why we prepared a quiz that will tell you what haircut will be ideal for you according to your personality.

Female face shapes

Bang on heart-shaped faces

Some of us have heart shaped faces. Because our hair does not end in our forehead line, it goes from the middle to the forehead and the chin ends in a sharp way. In such cases, we definitely do not recommend hair that ends at chin level or is cut very short. The important thing here is to destroy this heart image. For this, it is necessary to cover the hair on the forehead by using bangs and to lose the image of the chin with layered, moving cuts.

Round faces lucky

Many different hairstyles go well with round faces. The important thing here is what you want to highlight and leave behind. For example, if you want to erase the roundness of the face slightly, leave the front layers a little longer, if you are satisfied with the roundness, the layers can start from the cheekbones.

By separating the hair from the middle or slightly from the middle, multi-layer cut hair can close the fullness of the cheeks by flying around the cheeks.

Fold small faces sideways

If you are complaining that your face is small and weak, it is useful to take a slightly folded cut on the cheekbones and sides. By spreading your hair from the cheeks to the sides, you can spread the volume of the face to the right and left.

Side parting hair on square faces

If our face is angular, square shaped, the most suitable hairstyle for us is the ones separated from the side. Here, the size of our nose and whether it is inclined to one side or not are important. If our nose is slightly inclined to the right or left, we should separate our hair in the opposite direction of this curvature. However, for square faces, we recommend plenty of choppy and layered cuts. Waves pouring on the face and cheeks will add movement. In addition, we can erase the hardness of the square face shape with precise and models that emphasize the cheekbones and give a softer air to the face.

All models are suitable for oval faces

If your face is oval, we can say that you are very lucky to choose a hairstyle. We can even say with peace of mind that almost all hairstyles suit oval faces. It is important here how oval faces want to show their faces and expressions. For example, multi-layered or even wavy moving hair for a more cute, sympathetic facial expression. For a serious and cool expression, a straight blunt, sharp-lined cut will be appropriate. Side parting, bangs, short or long hair can give completely different expressions on oval faces.

Long and unadulterated cut for those with large heads

If we complain that our heads are larger than normal, we definitely stay away from blunt and fluffy hairstyles. Instead of long hair, models with a raised top with crepe will be much more appropriate. As another alternative, we can make our heads appear smaller by using very short hair. Because people with a big head should not be visible on the cheeks and sides. Otherwise, the cheek part looks more voluminous than it is, the face spreads to the sides.