Where to find PUBG Mobile for those looking for the Sickle item? We answered the question. In 2021, you can attack enemies with your sickle and mow them in matches. PUBG Mobile Sickle item, In our PUBG Mobile Sickle Weapon Damage article we told you before, we have included basic information about the weapon. You can read our article, especially if you want information about its damage and strategic location. Following the recent updates, players’ interest has increased due to the changes made to the PUBG Sickle weapon.

What is sickle in PUBG?

A sickle is a melee weapon consisting of a long wooden rod with a sharp metal part on it. The weapon is highly effective against unarmed opponents and is relatively easy to find.

What is the rarest gun in PUBG?

In this article, we assess the top five rarest weapons in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Sickle Weapon Damage

  • M249 in PUBG Mobile (Image via pubg gamepedia)
  • AUG A3 in PUBG Mobile (Image via pubg gamepedia)
  • PUBG Mobile (Image via pubg gamepedia)
  • AWM in PUBG Mobile (Image via pubg gamepedia)
  • Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile (Image via pubg gamepedia)

PUBG Mobile Sickle

PUBG Mobile Sickle is in the melee weapon category in the game. It can be used instead of items such as knives and pans. Instead of punching enemies close to your character, they can deal more and more damage with a sickle.

Statistics Updated12/19/19 (Version:
Reach the Range Leeway3.000
Receive Delay150 ms
Ready Delay500 ms
TypeClose fight
It is good for shaving.
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Body Damage
Level 060
Level 142
Level 236
Level 327
Headshot Damage
Level 0150
Level 1105
Level 290
Level 367.50
PUBG Mobile Orak

Description of the sickle weapon included in the PUBG Mobile game “ Shaving is good. Is set to  .

Where is PUBG Mobile Sickle?

PUBG Mobile Sickle is usually found in homes in forest areas and shelters in fields in field areas. The gun is more likely to appear in areas suitable for its general purpose. Information on weapons such as PUBG Sickle is limited. We will continue to share more detailed information with you.

Where can I find crossbow in PUBG?

The crossbow can be found frequently across the map of PUBG and is not an especially difficult weapon to find. You might come across it in supply crates dropped by airplanes, though it is also commonly found inside buildings at low-risk locations such as The Villa and south Georgopol.

Which is the strongest melee weapon in PUBG?

The Pan is the best available melee weapon; not only because of the damage it deals, but also the defense it provides – the pan can be used as a shield against bullets. Oddly enough, the pan can stop any weapon – even the most powerful sniper rifles and shotguns.