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where they could target Putin’s hackers

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Is Italy under attack by Russian hackers? Thousands of people across the country have been experiencing connection problems on apps and websites for days. The war in Ukraine is also being fought online, ever since Anonymous attacked the Kremlin. On the other hand, Putin’s team of hackers would have gone on the counterattack, targeting the IT structures of the EU. And the evidence may already be in front of our eyes.

Gas, Minister Cingolani: “Within 24-30 months we will be completely independent from Russia”

“Cyber ​​attacks on Italy expected”

The Computer Security Incident Response Team has made it known that since Sunday Italy has ended up in the crosshairs of Russian hackers. “Cyber ​​attacks are expected from Russia and Eastern countries, also addressed on a large scale towards Italy, probably by virtue of the humanitarian aid that is being offered”, reads the note. Portals linked to humanitarian aid are especially at risk, but attacks on government bodies and health services are not excluded.

Attacks on computer networks obviously also affect the most used apps. From Instagram to Facebook, up to the Whatsapp messaging system. Problems also encountered at the WeTransfer data sending site. At risk, of course, also the sensitive data shared by everyone, which can be exploited by Russian intelligence.

How to defend yourself? The advice is to “raise security levels to the maximum, asking your company contacts and suppliers to monitor security systems in real time. Maximum attention to e-mail, antivirus, sites exposed to the outside. Unfortunately, these too are actions of war ».

Anonymous’s latest attack on Russia

New action by Anonymous to spread information about the war in Ukraine to the Russian population. Two self-styled members of the collective, thewarriorpoetz and depaixporteur, joined a webcam network that has more than 400 active devices across Russia in public places, not private homes, and posted images and messages about the conflict such as’ Putin is killing children ». “Nearly 150 million Russians do not know the truth about the causes of the war in Ukraine. They are fed on the lies of the Kremlin propaganda. There is no free media in Russia and the internet is censored. We hope to be able to wake up some civilians and urge them to react », they write in the statement demanding.

The tampered cameras are on the behindenemylines.live portal where you can see images coming from shops, schools, offices, and public places. A few days ago the collective, again to overcome the censorship of the Kremlin, activated a portal to send text messages to Russians in Russian to inform them about the war, 5 million have been sent, reports Anonymous.

Last updated: Tuesday 8 March 2022, 17:10