Where can you find an underwater canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon?

Geography. It has a vertical relief of 8,530 feet or 2,600 meters dropping from the shallow shelf of the Bering Sea to the depths of the Aleutian Basin. Zhemchug Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon which is 6,093 feet or 1,857 meters deep.

Where can you find an underwater canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon?

Ninety Mile Beach
Discovery Bay
Cape Cod
Monterey Bay

The Answer: The correct answer is Monterey Bay.

What is the deepest underwater canyon?

Monterey Canyon, largest and deepest submarine canyon off the Pacific coast of North America. The canyon has three tributaries at its upper reaches in Monterey Bay, California: minor Soquel Canyon to the north, the main Monterey Canyon head aligned east-west off Moss Landing, and Carmel Canyon to the south.

Is the ocean deeper than the Grand Canyon?
Deepest Point in the World’s Oceans

The oceans’ deepest area is the Mariana Trench, also called the Marianas Trench, which is in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The trench is 1,554 miles long and 44 miles wide, or 120 times larger than the Grand Canyon

How deep is the Monterey submarine canyon?
Monterey Canyon begins at Moss Landing, California, which is situated along the middle of the coast of Monterey Bay, and extends horizontally 95 mi (153 km) under the Pacific Ocean where it terminates at the Monterey Canyon submarine fan, reaching depths of up to 3,600 m (11,800 ft) below surface level at its …