When Will The New Map Come Among Us? We explain the answer to the question with date and time. We have reserved a place for the information of all future maps for 2020-2021. When Will the New Map Arrive? Which Among Us players have asked us a lot? We searched for the most correct answer. Official statements and results of game prophets.

When Will The New Map Come Among Us? NEW AIRSHIP MAP

Among Us New Map Reveal

When Will The New Map Come Among Us? We explained the question before in our report titled Among Us New Map. Work has begun within Among Us 2 after its huge increase in players this year. At the same time, new map studies of the real game played both on mobile and on Steam are underway.

The new map will be a larger and more extensive place. There are many new features that will make the struggles with both the variety of missions and the Killer (Imposter) player in the game more enjoyable. Foreign news sites Among Us point to a date for the New Map, but we found the correct date in our research.

Among Us New Map will be added to the game with a major update coming on January 3, 2021.

When Will The New Map Come Among Us? You can also write different questions about the question as a comment. We will continue to convey the developments.

What is Among Us?

Among US is an online multiplayer social inference game developed by the American game studio Inner Sloth and welcomed the gaming world on June 15, 2018. It is also a fun game that can be played with a maximum of 10 and at least 4 people and is fought in a space-themed environment, and also keeps people on alert to escape from the killer in this struggle and quest. The role of the villain in the game is very fun. You have to make them believe that you killed your opponents and that you did not even lie. Or you will lose the game.

Among Us Map Reveal: The Airship

Just when you thought you could trust your friend again, Among Us is ready to stir things up all over again with an all new map, The Airship, coming early 2021.

Among Us New Map Reveal & Release Date (All Details!)

This is the new Among Us Map reveal trailer and all the things we know so far about it as well as the new features and tasks available in The Airship!


New Henry stickmin airship map in among us. I will be showing you some more leaks on among us for the brand new update which will bring a new map in among us. The release date for the new among us map is expected to be released on December 10th!


In this video i will show you and analyze the Official New Airship Map Trailer in Among Us. You can watch the upcoming Airship map’s Gameplay, New Tasks and Features in this Video. This map is obviously not yet available for download but you can know the estimated official release date in this Video.

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