When will the 2020 Christmas Bonus be paid?

The Christmas bonus for retirement and benefits payments will be paid with regular weekly payments from 30 November 2020 to 4 December 2020

Is Pandemic Payment Appropriate?

This year, Christmas Bonus will also be paid to those who receive the Pandemic Unemployment Payment. (As long as they’ve been taking it for at least 4 months.)

People who receive the Job Seekers Allowance or Allowance will receive the Christmas Bonus this year if they have been receiving it for 4 months or more. In previous years, the qualification limit was 15 months.

Christmas Bonus 2020

How much is the Christmas Jackpot?

The 2020 Christmas Bonus will be 100% of your regular weekly pension or benefits payment.
So – all eligible buyers will receive twice their regular weekly payments.

The minimum Christmas Bonus payment is € 20.

In 2017, the Christmas bonus was 85% of the normal weekly rate, then it was brought back to 100% in 2018. The cost of paying this 100% Bonus is estimated at € 350 million in 2020. (was € 279 million in 2019).