Gemma Galgani

“When the feeling changes …”

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Gemma Galgani has frozen a former knight who had expressed his feelings towards him.

Gemma Galgani has frozen the former knight Marco Firpo, who recently released some statements about her.

Gemma Galgani freezes Marco Firpo

Things between Gemma Galgani and Marco Firpo did not end in the best way and recently the Turin lady decided to replicate against the latest statements made by the former knight against him.

“Dating someone right so as not to be alone for me would be unhappiness. Di Gemma, on the other hand, I miss everything we were. He is a free soul. When you meet her and recognize her, because you immediately feel a sense of well-being when you are close to her, and this was an important stimulus. She makes me feel good, she calms my anxiety. She has a particular look, when she looked at me she was incredible “, Firpo had said, while Gemma replied: “He said very nice things about me and our history, but between us today there is only friendship.

When love turns into a different feeling, you can’t go back. We had a good time when we loved each other and when we got lost in each other’s eyes. Today, however, I look ahead “.

Gemma to Men and Women

Gemma returned to Men and Women again this year in the hope of being able to find the person one day suitable to her. The Turin lady also made a presentation video in the hope of attracting more attention, but obviously “bitter rival” Tina Cipollari did not fail to dismantle her attempt.

“You don’t like it, get over it!”, Tina thundered at Gemma’s address.