Whatsapp is a free messaging, calling application that can be used on PC (computer) as a web and desktop application. Install WhatsApp right now!

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WhatsApp is an easy-to-install free messaging application that you can use on both mobile and Windows PC – computer (as a web browser and desktop app).

You can download and use WhatsApp on the phone or use it as a desktop application on your Windows PC or Mac computer. WhatsApp desktop application works synchronized with the WhatsApp application installed on your phone.

WhatsApp, which you can use on iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and even your browsers thanks to its cross-platform support, allows you to easily interact with the people around you, no matter what mobile device they are using.

When you receive a WhatsApp message on your new Android phone / iPhone, you can see and reply from your computer.

Although the WhatsApp Web application is not very advanced, it performs its basic function. WhatsApp for Windows is being developed by adding new features every day.

WhatsApp PC作为流行的消息传递应用程序WhatsApp Messenger的桌面版本满足了我们的要求,为我们提供了在计算机上使用WhatsApp的机会

With the application, which is offered completely free of charge, we can follow all of our instant messages on the desktop and still send files, photos and videos to our friends.

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WhatsApp下载 Messenger Desktop version, which allows us to easily use almost all features in mobile versions on the desktop, is really useful.

  1. Messaging – Easy, Reliable Messaging: Message family and friends for free. WhatsApp uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages so you don’t pay for SMS.
  2. Group Chat – Groups You Want to Communicate with: Communicate with groups that matter to you, such as family and friends. With group chats, you can share messages, photos and videos with up to 256 people at once. You can name your group, mute it or adjust notifications to your preference.
  3. WhatsApp on the Web and Desktop – Continue the Chat: With WhatsApp on the web and desktop, you can seamlessly synchronize all your chats with your computer. So which device you prefer to continue chatting more easily for you. Download the WhatsApp desktop app or go to WhatsApp Web.
  4. WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls – Speak Freely: With voice calls, you can talk to family and friends for free, even if they’re in another country. When the voice or text is not enough, you also have the opportunity to chat face to face with free video call. WhatsApp audio and video calling uses your phone’s internet connection.
  5. End-to-End Encryption – Always Safe: End-to-end encryption has been improved in the latest version of WhatsApp. Your messages and calls are protected with end-to-end encryption. Only you and the person you are communicating with can read or listen to them, and no one in between (even WhatsApp) can read or listen.
  6. Photos and Videos – Share Highlights: You can instantly send photos and videos via WhatsApp. You can even share an important moment you just captured from the built-in camera. Your connection speed doesn’t matter; Sending photos and videos on WhatsApp is fast.
  7. Voice Messages – Speak in Your Mind: With just one tap, you can record a voice message to say a short hello or say / say something long.
  8. Documents – It’s Easy to Share Documents: You can send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more without the hassle of email and file sharing apps. You can send documents up to 100 MB.


那么,如何下载WhatsApp Desktop? WhatsApp在计算机上如何使用? 您可以从计算机桌面使用WhatsApp,而无需浏览器。

To download the WhatsApp Desktop application, all you have to do is; Clicking on the WhatsApp Download button above. (It runs on Windows 8.1 or newer and if you are using a 32-bit Windows operating system, you must download from the second link.)

Installing the Whatsapp Desktop application is as simple as downloading. After the download is complete, open the .exe file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

You can use WhatsApp on your computer in two different ways: WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. WhatsApp Web is a browser-based application of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Desktop is an application that you can install on your computer. Desktop application and WhatsApp Web are computer-based extensions of the WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages you send and receive are synchronized between your phone and computer. So you can view your messages on both devices.

How to Login WhatsApp?

How to log in and out of WhatsApp desktop application? To log into WhatsApp on WhatsApp Desktop, you need to scan the QR code using your phone.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone. Tap More Options
  • WhatsApp Web on Android phone, Settings
  • WhatsApp Web / Desktop on iPhone.

To keep you signed in on this device, tick the checkbox next to Keep signed in on the QR screen on your computer. Scan the QR code on your computer using your phone.

If you are signed in to WhatsApp on another device while trying to scan a QR code, tap + Scan QR code on Android / Scan QR Code on iPhone and confirm with Done.

To log out of WhatsApp Desktop;

  1. Open WhatsApp Desktop.
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Exit at the top of your chats list.

Whatsapp Download For Android: Download Apk

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Whatsapp Download For IOS: Download IOS