“What's missing? Death at the end, maybe?” : this photo of the judoka Margaux Pinot, the face “beaten up” by her companion

“What’s missing? Death at the end, maybe?” : this photo of judoka Margaux Pinot, her face “beaten up” by her companion, Following the announcement of the release of his trainer and companion, Alain Schmitt arrested for domestic violence on Saturday night November, Margaux Pinot unveiled three days later a photo of her, her face swollen.

The face is swollen, covered with scars and dried blood. With her black eye, Margaux Pinot fixes the goal. This photo, the judo champion decided to share it on her social networks on Wednesday, December 1, in response to the decision of the Bobigny Criminal Court, issued the day before. The latter indeed pronounced the release of his trainer and companion, Alain Schmitt, who had appeared at the bar for the assault of the sportswoman, the November.

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Insufficient evidence Arrested overnight from Saturday to Sunday in Seine-Saint-Denis for acts of violence voluntary in a state of intoxication, Alain Schmitt, of which the face was also marked by bruises, defended himself by delivering the story of a “fight” akin to a “tornado” between two lovers. He also denied the version brought by the sportswoman. “I have never hit a woman in my life, it’s nonsense,” the former member of the France team, previously unknown to the courts, told the audience.

He was finally released for lack of evidence. “A court is never there to say who is telling the truth and who is lying. In this case we do not have enough evidence of guilt. The court will release you, ”explained the president of the latter late on Tuesday evening.

To listen to: the editorial podcast “What was missing? Death at the end, perhaps? ” In her Instagram post, Margaux Pinot returned to the seriousness of the facts. “I was insulted, punched, my head hit the ground several times. And finally strangled. I thought I was dead, ”she writes below her photo. The young woman of years, who managed to take refuge with neighbors to alert the police, then added about Alain Schmitt and his lawyer: “What is their slanderous defense worth against my injuries, and the blood strewn on the floor of my apartment?” What was missing? Death at the end, perhaps? It was probably judo that saved me. And my thoughts are also for those who cannot say the same. ”

The prosecution, which had requested a year of suspended prison sentence for the one who had to go to Israel on Sunday in order to take the reins of the national women’s team, will appeal the release. Margaux Pinot received the support of other sportswomen, in particular Amandine Buchard, team gold medalist with her at the Tokyo Olympics, and the five-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion, Clarisse Agbégnénou.