After you finish reading this article; “What is WordPress hosting?”, “Is there any difference between WordPress hosting and regular hosting packages?”, “What should be considered when choosing WordPress hosting?” You will find answers to your questions and have an idea of which hosting type you should choose.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress, the world’s most preferred free CMS system; It is an indispensable software especially for blog sites. However, although this software is very popular, it has some disadvantages because it uses server resources excessively.

Especially on websites where WordPress plugins are used extensively, the resource consumption we mentioned increases even more. Due to the nature of WordPress, using a plugin to make this script more functional is a common way. Even a regular and hardly updated WordPress site uses at least a few plugins.

Although WordPress hosting is a new product entering the United States market, it has become one of the leading products of hosting companies. This is because WordPress hosting has been made more useful for hosting WordPress sites, with various optimizations. To explain more clearly; If you are using a WordPress hosting, your website will consume less server resources than a normal hosting package. Because WordPress hosting; WordPress is very suitable for hosting a site in terms of hardware features such as hard disk type, RAM, CPU. It is also the best hosting type for WordPress, thanks to its Server Cache and database software.

To summarize; The hosting package with Linux operating system, which is specially optimized for WordPress infrastructure sites and where WordPress works most stable, is called WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting Features

Some features that distinguish WordPress hosting packages from other hosting plans are as follows:

  • It is possible to install WordPress with one click. You won’t bother with things like setting up a database.
  • Thanks to the SSD hard disk, speed problems caused by the hard disk are completely prevented.
  • Some modifications such as contact form, WooCommerce plugin, page creation plugin, social media plugin come installed by default.
  • The WordPress version is updated automatically every time an update is released.
  • Backup of your WordPress site is taken automatically every day.
  • Special security patches are used against WordPress vulnerabilities.
  • Because special software for caching is installed on the server by default, your WordPress site will run faster.
  • The WordPress site hosted on another server can be easily moved to the WordPress hosting package via the administration panel.
  • Thanks to the WP-CLI plugin, system development can be done using the WordPress command line.
  • Depending on the package purchased, CDN services can be used free of charge.
  • SSL certificate can be used for free depending on the package purchased.

WordPress Hosting Disadvantages

The best solution for hosting WordPress sites is undoubtedly the WordPress hosting option. However, this hosting option also has some disadvantages. These disadvantages are as follows:

  • If you want to publish your site with a script other than WordPress, you cannot do this.
  • Some packages of WordPress hosting do not support you to create subdomains.
  • You cannot host a script or CMS system other than WordPress in WordPress hosting packages that support creating subdomains.
  • When you set up an e-commerce site with the WooCommerce plugin, if your product number exceeds three-digit numbers, your site may freeze.

Best WordPress Hosting

The common claim of all hosting companies and under-the-counter hosting vendors in the market; is that they provide the best service. But no matter which hosting company you get service from, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Make sure that the company from which you will purchase hosting has a hosting certificate.
  2. Check whether the company from which you will purchase hosting has been serving in the sector for many years. Because the biggest problem in the industry is companies that disappear after a month or two by giving hosting prices even below their cost. As a result of the annual hosting fee you pay, your site may wind up in place after a few months.
  3. Choose companies that you can reach by phone and get technical support after sales. Do not forget that you will have problems with the after-sales technical service with companies that only serve with the Ticket system and do not have English customer service.

In addition, when deciding which WordPress hosting package to buy, you should consider the following:

  • If the website you are going to build will grow with new content over time, choose plans whose resources can be increased according to need. When your site needs more resources, change the server or hosting company to take precautions against the interruption of access to your site.
  • Remember that your site will run more efficiently on WordPress hosting with SSD storage space. Make sure the HDD item is SSD.
  • If you need to install more than one WordPress website, make sure your package supports it. Many WordPress hosting plans support single site hosting.
  • Make sure you have a free SSL option in your hosting package. In this way, you do not have to pay extra for the SSL certificate.
  • Find out if FTP access is provided with the WordPress hosting plan. FTP access is essential for uploading some plugins and themes.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, make sure the WordPress hosting package you are about to purchase is not a regular Linux hosting plan. Check the caching and development plugins that must be installed for WordPress to run better.

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