Besides being the largest messaging application in the world, WhatsApp continues to evolve every day. One of these new and fresh developments is the holiday mode. What is WhatsApp vacation mode? What does it do? What Is WhatsApp Vacation Mode And How To use? I would like to cover these kinds of things with you in subtitles.

What is WhatsApp Vacation Mode?

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

Thanks to the WhatsApp holiday mode, the messages you receive will not be notified on your homepage if you wish. In this way, you will not be distracted unless you open the application. If you’re really on vacation, this setting can even add a lot to its name.

How to Use WhatsApp Vacation Mode?

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

This setting is not yet active in our country and therefore the application has not been updated anyway. When this is the case, we were so curious, but it did not work, but don’t worry, my friends, if you really want to not receive a notification from WhatsApp. By muting the most used groups you belong to, you can get rid of up to 80% of notifications.

What Does WhatsApp Vacation Mode Do?

This is entirely up to you guys. If your goal is to take a vacation, this is already a setting like its name. If your goal is to read a book, this seems like a very logical option. Among these options is preventing distraction while studying.

How do I ignore archived chats on WhatsApp?

In October 2018, a new feature called ‘Holiday mode’ was detected in Tests by WhatsApp, later its name was changed to ignore Archived chats . This feature can allow users to mute archived chats until the user turns on the volume. The feature was later shelved for unknown reasons, WABetaInfo said . But now, WABetaInfo has once again reported that the feature is back, and a leak suggests that WhatsApp could soon emerge.

According to WABetaInfo’s report, WhatsApp is on track to implement the holiday mode with several changes and a new form. Holiday mode in Messenger will have a separate, dedicated section that gives users a variety of options to choose different parameters.

If the user chooses to enable the feature, all Archived chats are moved to the top of the chats. When the user taps this cell and archived chats appear, the user can see a new button for “notifications”.

When the user enters the ‘Notifications’ option, they will be offered two more options in which they can choose any of them. These two options will be ‘Report New messages’ and ‘auto hide inactive chats’.

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Therefore, if the user chooses to disable the ‘report New Messages’ option, holiday mode will be turned on and archived messages will remain in Archived chats when the user receives new messages. This will help many users who have joined several groups but are no longer interested in them, but still want these groups to be somewhere in the app, so they can access them occasionally according to their preferences Dec.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

If the user chooses the second option to automatically hide inactive chats, this will basically be an extension of holiday mode and will set Messenger to automatically archive a chat older than six months.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to archive their chats, but when a new message arrives, a notification pops up that lets the user know the latest message. Holiday mode seems to give users the ability to use different options to keep archived chats quiet even if a new message arrives.

This feature was detected by WABetaInfo in the v2.20.199.8 beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which means that this feature is not available to users with the current beta version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode

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