What is SSL? How does it work?

SSL, abbreviated as “Secure Sockets Layer”, is a standardized technology that enables communication between the server and the client in an encrypted way.

The most common use is in the web environment, the communication between the server and the browser (such as Internet Explorer.

SSL is a standard algorithm. It is used for secure data communication on millions of websites.
For the SSL function to work, a key is required on the server side and a certificate that will work on the client side.

– Provides security and privacy in encrypting and deciphering messages
– It guarantees that the sender and the recipient of the message are the right places
– Verifies the date and time of the transmitted documents
– Makes document archiving easier

Certification Authority

It is the institution that performs the issuance and management of digital certificates. Digital certificates are signed with the secret key of these institutions.

How SSL Works

An encryption method based on the use of keys called SSL Public Key / Private Key.
Let’s explain the SSL working logic as follows:

2 keys are used in SSL encryption. These keys are nothing more than digitally coded software!… And only the other can open the data locked by one key.

After creating your keys (which is completely automated, there is nothing special you need to do), one of the keys (private key) remains with you. The other public key is sent to the people you want to connect with.

The person who wants to send a message to you secures the message he wants to send with a public key and sends it to you. Now, even if that information is kept on the way while reaching you, you will need the private key that remains in your password to be decrypted. Depending on the complexity of the SSL method used (40 bit, 128 bit), even if the password is passed into someone’s hands, it will take a long time to decode this information even with very advanced techniques.
As a result, SSL ensures that information between two computers is transmitted securely between two computers in direct communication without being viewed by other people.