What is Quantum Internet

What is Quantum Internet and How Does It Work?

What is the quantum internet that is preparing to enter our lives in the near future and how does it work? Here are the curious details about the next generation technology!

What is Quantum Internet and How Does It Work? – Some scientists working at the University of Chicago in February made an important discovery about quantum entanglement. If you’re not familiar with quantum mechanics, you might be wondering what all these events are about.

However, what we have to say is that with this new invention, a new and much more powerful version of the Internet can be included in our lives. The bits that represent 0 and 1 values ​​used in our networks today can be replaced by quantum bits  qubits”  that can take an infinite number of values ​​in the coming periods.

In this way, the quantum internet will be able to reach a much greater bandwidth. The same means we can take full advantage of the power of super-powerful quantum computers or other devices. In other words, applications that we cannot run with the internet we currently have will be able to work on the new generation technology.

What is Quantum Internet and What Does It Do?

So if we have to ask briefly why do we need a quantum internet and what does this technology do?

For starters, the quantum internet cannot replace the internet we currently use, but it acts as a great complementary system for it. It also provides a much greater degree of protection compared to existing internet technology, which indicates that you will get less trouble with internet hackers.

But before any of these come to life, scientists must discover how to install this technology. On the other hand, when we consider the confusing nature of quantum mechanics, unfortunately this will not be easy.

“In the classical world, you can encode and store information, it is inviolable. In the quantum world, you encode information and it begins to degrade almost instantly.”

According to experts, a fairly large number and functional equipment will be needed, including yet undiscovered systems, to bring the quantum internet to life. Therefore, it is difficult to say when this technology will be ready, but according to researchers, 2030 may be the most suitable year for it.