It is a new generation two-dimensional barcode type developed by the Japanese company called Denso. The word QR code (Quick Response Code) was first used in the barcode application guide of human medicine products. The United States first application area is the pharmaceutical industry. With the development of the digital world and mobile applications, it has been used in many sectors.

It takes up less space because the data matrix is used in a one-tenth reduction for barcodes. This allows it to take up very little space in the packaging. The speed of scanning and the ability to be taught from all angles is of great importance in terms of time savings. It is possible to read data matrix codes that are damaged or dirty to a certain extent.

QR code

QR Code is a special two-dimensional barcode type that can be read from the cameras of mobile devices.

QR Code (quick response) consists of black motifs on a square white background. Barcode reading software installed on your mobile phone is required to read the code. QR code content can be a text, website address, video link or any other data.

What is a data matrix (QR Code)?

The QR code, developed by Denso Wave, a Japanese company in 1994 to increase operational efficiency for automobile production, is a two-dimensional barcode type that can be read using smart phones and special data matrix reading devices. It is an open source technology.

QR codes; You can see it everywhere, in stores, in the products you purchase, on WhatsApp to pay with the digital wallet application.

QR codes have long extended their functionality far beyond the automotive industry. They are used today for everything from inventory tracking, shipping and logistics to online ticketing, to website and catalog page redirects.

Where is QR code used?

QR Code on the way

QR code has some advantages over other barcode types:

– QR Code size can be as small as 1/10 of traditional barcodes.
– It can be read from all directions: The feature of scanning from all directions provides faster reading of the QR Code.
– The QR Code can be read even if there is any deletion up to 30%.

QR Code Structure

– Numeric has a maximum capacity of 7,089 characters.
– Alphanumeric has a maximum capacity of 4,296 characters.
– It has a maximum capacity of 2,953 bytes as a binary system (8 bit).

What You Can Do With QR Code

– You can promote your website
– You can make voice calls
– You can send SMS
– You can send e-mail
– You can print QR Code on your business card
– You can print QR Code on T-shirt
– You can print a QR Code on a discount coupon
– You can promote your Facebook page (QR Code content can be ‘add me’ link)
– Use it in any advertisement (TV, magazine, newspaper, bus stops) as a link to the product campaign page.
– QR code can be used in new or second hand car market. Your potential customers can access all information about the vehicle (model year, price, engine volume, mileage, fuel consumption), for example by scanning the QR Code on the windshield of the vehicle.
– Can be printed on museum / event tickets
– It can be printed on boarding passes of airlines or on baggage tags for baggage tracking.
– Can be used to view Google Maps address
– Cinemas can use QR codes on their movie posters to allow viewers to link to websites that contain comments and opinions about the movie.
– Restaurants can use QR Code to access information about food, including customer comments.
– By scanning the QR Code, you can go directly to an online bookstore for a book.
– By scanning the QR code, tourists can get information about important places for any city.

QR codes are used on a large scale by companies around the world in different areas such as:

  • Web sites
  • App store – app link
  • Posters, – provide event URL
  • Business cards,
  • Brochures,
  • Product packaging,
  • Books,
  • Tickets, – information about the ticket
  • Flyers
  • Google Map – to give someone a location
  • Download files – music clip, pdf, etc.
  • Wifi access
  • ID cards.

How to use QR code?

In order to use QR code, you must first download a QR code reader to your phone or tablet from Apps Store, Google Play or Windows Phone application stores. After downloading the application, it will hover over the data matrix you want to read and scan it with the camera of your phone or tablet and direct you to get information to the relevant page. When downloading the application, do not forget that you should pay attention to whether it is free or not, its usability and popularity.

Areas of Use QR code

You can transfer phone, address, etc. information to digital media by printing the data matrix on the business cards. While buying a vehicle, you can scan the data matrix on the front of the vehicle and find out the vehicle’s km, price, etc. features. In football competitions, it is possible for the fans to transmit their messages to the supporters of the opposing team in digital environments by using data matrix codes. You can get information about the brand or institution by scanning the data matrix on billboards and posters with your mobile application. You can use it to connect to the internet. As an example, we can show Starbucks putting the wifi password as a square code on coffee cups. You can access the website of the event or information in the digital world by scanning the data matrix on the museum, concert and match tickets. QR codes are rapidly progressing to become the indispensable application platform used by brands and institutions.

Internet Sites

QR codes were originally designed to be used for industrial purposes. However, QR codes have become quite common in consumer advertising. The use of 2D codes can be numerous. Today, a smartphone can be used as a QR scanner. It can also be used to view this and then decode it. The code can contain a URL for a website. Instead of manually typing the website url into a browser, you can place it in a QRcode.

How to Create a QR code?

You can create a QR code for yourself for free. There are many websites that can be used to generate QR codes. You can download a 2D code maker and add it to your websites, brochures, marketing materials, etc. you can place it. Here is a list of QR code generator websites:


QR Code Apps

What the phone does is take a picture of the QR code and then convert it to text format. The application interprets the code and then displays all the links, text, and images the creator wants you to see.

Some popular QR code applications:


How Does QRcode Work?

QR codes convey information through a graphic code made up of black and white pixels. Where a barcode is one dimensional, the data matrix is two dimensional. The most visually distinct element of the QR code is the square blocks used to guide the code when scanned by the reader.

This allows the code to be scanned in any direction, including upside down, and convey the correct message. These four blocks (three embedded in the corners and one at the bottom right) appear in every code and allow the code to be correctly decoded in any direction.

The format version, bug check version, and decode mask are coded around these blocks. The QR code is surrounded by a white space area called a “quiet zone” that helps the reader find the edges of the code.

QR code is read from the lower right corner. Pixels are read in groups of 8, containing one byte per 8 pixels. While ASCII (character set based on the Latin alphabet) is probably the most common encoding, the specification also includes options for numbers, kanji, and other encodings.

QR code is read

What are the Differences between QR and Barcode?

  • Barcode: One size code.
  • QR code: Two size code.
  • Barcode: To read the barcode, the scanner must be aligned with the code.
  • QR code: It can be read in any direction, it does not need to be aligned.
  • Barcode: No data correction. The barcode needs to be printed correctly.
  • QR code: If there is an error of up to 30%, it can be read.
  • Barcode: The application is very limited for products, books, pin code and can only store numerical data.
  • QR code: As mentioned earlier, it has a wider range of applications.
  • Barcode: Limited storage capacity. It can only store alphanumeric characters.
  • QR code: Relatively large storage capacity. It can store alphanumeric characters, kanji (japanese symbols), binary information.
  • Barcode: Depends on database.
  • QR code: It can be used independently.