What is Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB

What is Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB

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Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB

What is Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. What is Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

What is Q-commerce, the new frontier of online sales – RB

The future of online commerce is q-commerce , where the q stands for “quick”, which in English means “quick”. Analysts from all over the world are convinced of this. This innovative sector, which has been continuously expanding in recent years and booming since the beginning of the pandemic, is that of fast and “on demand” deliveries.

The term q-commerce refers to all companies that promise the delivery of goods, generally food , but also medicine or cigarettes , just to cite a few examples, in less than an hour , and generally in a period between 10 and 15 minutes.

Its strong point, as the word itself says, is speed . In an increasingly connected and fast world, consumers expect to have their online purchase right at home. But how does q-commerce work?

What is Q-commerce and why it makes extensive use of cloud stores

Q-commerce is not too different from e-commerce, online commerce, but it is its natural evolution , aiming at local markets , with the aim of serving the individual districts of the main cities, through a network of warehouses also known as cloud stores or dark store.

Unlike the giant warehouses of online delivery giants, cloud stores are very small , and within them they have few types of products, with one continuous stock . This allows you to optimize logistics costs and delivery times, always responding to customer needs.

The cloud stores are arranged in various points strategic of the cities, in order to quickly serve the various districts. The focus of companies operating in the sector is in fact the last mile , i.e. the final passage from the hub to the consumer.

For q-commerce it is the largest investment . It would not make sense for this type of business, in fact, to focus on the rapid preparation of products without the possibility of distributing goods, often perishable

, fresh or urgent , immediately after the user clicks on the apps and sites.

How deliveries are made with quick commerce

Unlike classic online commerce, which employs trucks and vans to make as many deliveries as possible during the course of a working day, q-commerce generally moves on two wheels and only on request, each purchase corresponds to a specific trip.

Scooter , bicycles and electric scooters are the most used vehicles in this sector. The riders, unlike the classic couriers, therefore have the right to reach the customer faster avoiding traffic and arriving even in the most difficult routes and in restricted traffic areas.

Who and which products buy through q-commerce

Two other substantial differences compared to classic e-commerce are the type of user and the type of purchase of q-commerce. With fast delivery services, sometimes available h 24 and 7 days a week , in fact, the tendency is to buy impulsively a modest quantity of products, perhaps the essential for a meal.

Quick commerce is mainly used by young people workers and students, who have little time to plan their weekly or monthly shopping and meals, or who after a day at university or in the office decide at the last minute to order their shopping on the journey towards home .

Doubts about the model q-commerce and possible risks

This business model is the most advanced on a technological level. The logistics and storage of the warehouse are in fact in the hands of the artificial intelligence , which among other things puts communication of customer requests, cloud stores and operators nearby, with the aim of making immediate delivery.

But modernity often comes with many negative aspects , and before praising q-commerce it would be necessary to open reflections that concern its environmental impact , with fewer emissions and more deliveries during the day, on the types of contract and security at work of riders and shifts of operators for a service h 24 7/7.

We do not yet know if q-commerce will totally replace traditional e-commerce or even physical stores . It is certainly necessary to regulate the sector to protect workers and competition brick and mortar, and understand how much the “everything and now” is actually a need or a whim.

We have explained here why small businesses focus everything on e-commerce and here the advantages of digital compared to physical stores. Q-commerce is all about two sectors, which fly in online sales. As anticipated here, the products that drive digital sales are fashion and food.