What is PUBG KD? We have prepared a guide for those who ask the question. Here we provide information such as what it means, how to upgrade with the muscle process. What is PUBG KD? You can write your questions as comments. The guide we have prepared will continue to be detailed.

What is PUBG KD?


What is PUBG KD that players ask us the most? We wanted to prepare a guide for the question. All questions about the subject will be answered under this heading.

  • PUBG KD comes with the values of important things like kills, dies and assist in all the matches you throw in the game. If your kill and assist rate is higher than your death rate, your PUBG KD value will increase.

Professional PUBG players have higher KD values than regular players. These players constantly keep their KD rates high due to their high performance in matches.


Developing PUBG KD is thanks to good scores in games. Take care to kill players with bots and novice players in the matches you enter. Try to kill as many players as possible without ever dying. In this way, you will be among the last players and your killing rate will increase.

PUBG KD Upgrade Errors


Don’t risk killing 2 or 3 players quickly and dying while trying to get PUBG KD. Your life time in the match and how many players are left out of 100 players are important. As we mentioned above, give priority to killing beginner and bot players. Do not put yourself in situations that put yourself at risk.

PUBG KD Hiding


PUBG KD Hiding is also one of the features that most players have implemented. You can hide your performance in the game from other players. Usually novice players hide the KD rates to hide their novice. It can hide the KD rates in professional players so that other players do not notice them. PUBG KD Cloaking;

  • Settings
  • General
  • Allow everyone to see Results: Off

PUBG Lookup


PUBG KD Don’t look, you can see that the other players you enter the game are a good player or a beginner. You can also look at your friends or your own KD values this way. PUBG Lookup

After clicking the button above, enter the name of the player you want to perform the PUBG KD Lookup on the page that opens. Then you will see KD information.

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