What is Instagram Reels and how to use it

What is Instagram Reels and how to use it? Instagram Reels share feature details

What is Instagram Reels, How to use it?

So, what are Instagram Reels and how to use it? Here are those who are curious about the new feature of Instagram!

Instagram Reels is a service that has been in service for a long time but is new to our country. It allows you to create short videos like in TikTok. Social media users think that Instagram’s feature will be one of TikTok’s biggest competitors. If you, as a curious social media user, want to learn what this feature of Instagram is and how to use it, you can follow the instructions in the article and learn how to use Instagram’s new feature.

How to Use Instagram Reels?

The use of this feature of Instagram is extremely simple. To publish videos using Instagram’s new feature, it will be enough to follow the steps below. Here are the things to do to use Instagram Reels !

• First, open the Instagram application.

• After opening the Instagram application, swipe right on the screen and open the stories section.

• Find the “Reels” option from the tabs under the Stories section and click on this option.

• You can customize your video using the tools (sound, speed, effect and timing) on ​​the left side of the screen and switch between the front camera and the rear camera with the camera button in the lower right corner.

• If you think you are ready to shoot your short video, you can hold down the video capture button. If you don’t want to press and hold your video, you can use the timing tool, the effect tool to use pre-recorded effects for Instagram stories, the speed tool to increase or decrease the speed of the video, and the audio tool to add music to the video.

What is Instagram Reels?

This feature of Instagram, which comes to our country, is the feature that allows us to create short videos as in TikTok, and to shoot videos on any subject. Offering a similar feature to TikTok, the most downloaded app of recent times,  Instagram Reels does not limit users to a specific subject, users are free to prepare and publish videos on the subject they want.

This feature of Instagram is a new method that social media users can choose to increase the interaction rate of their accounts. If you can’t create viral content despite all your efforts to use your creativity, you may want to try this feature. In addition, if you use Instagram to expand your business audience, this feature can be much more useful to you.

What is Instagram Reels and how to use it? Instagram Reels share feature details

Continuing to bring innovations to users, Instagram Reels has been launched. With the Reels feature, which excites Instagram users, users will be allowed to share and edit short videos with audio and music. Offering the opportunity to have a more enjoyable time with its Reels feature, Instagram allows to shoot 15-second videos. So how to use Instagram Reels? Here are the details on Instagram Reels sharing feature usage and particular.

What is Instagram Reels and how to use it

Instagram, which is one of the most used social sharing platforms in our country as in the world, has come across with a brand new feature. It will make the platform even more exciting with its feature under the name of Instagram Reels, which also targets TikTok users. Instagram users want to learn how to use the Reels feature, while the application that allows sharing of short videos with audio and music comes to life. Here are the details


Reels videos can be shared as posts or Stories, and public accounts will have their videos visible in the Reels section on the Explore tab. With the creative tools offered by Reels and this new section in the Explore tab, Instagram aims to give people the opportunity to become a content creator and be discovered from all over the world.

With Reels, Instagram aims to provide people with new creative ways to express themselves, the opportunity to discover more of what they love, and a platform for anyone who wants to be a creator.



Reels is featured on the Instagram camera and offers a variety of creative editing tools. These are:

Audio: People will be able to use their original voices as well as choose from the Instagram music library.

In public accounts using the original audio, this audio will be attributed to the account and others will be able to use it in their Reels videos.

AR Effects: The gallery features a variety of Augmented Reality effects created by both Instagram and content producers around the world.

AR Effects

Timer and Countdown: With timer and countdown, video can be shot hands-free.

Alignment: Objects in a clip can be aligned to ensure a smooth transition between two clips to be merged.

Speed: Certain parts of video and audio can be accelerated or slowed down.

Reels videos can be shot and combined as separate clips, shot in one go, or created by uploading video from the gallery.



Public Accounts can share Reels videos in the Reels section of the Discover tab and have the opportunity to be discovered by the Instagram community. At the same time, he can share with his followers on Stream. Reel videos using certain songs, hashtags or effects can also be viewed on pages specific to that song, hashtag and effects. Private Accounts can only share Reels videos with their followers. Others cannot use the original audio in these videos and cannot share videos with people who do not follow this secret account. Once the Reels video is ready, the draft can be saved on the share screen, the cover image can be changed, the text and hashtags can be added, and friends can be tagged. Shared Reels videos are located in a separate Reels-specific tab in the profile.