[*The incognito mode feature that allows you to browse the Internet privately is available on many browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Incognito windows, cookies and similar third party applications that do not keep the browsing history of the sites you visit also prevent them from tracking you. It allows you to enjoy your internet experience in privacy by deleting all the information after the session is finished.*]

Browsing in Incognito mode with Chrome

What is incognito mode and how can I use it?

Incognito mode is an option for browsing the internet in stealth mode. In Incognito Mode, Chrome does not store the websites you visit and the accounts you use on your local system. During a session in incognito mode, newly created bookmarks or downloaded files are stored.

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To use incognito mode:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and click the Key wrench icon 2 icon Image in the toolbar.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select New incognito window.
  3. The logoincognito mode appears in the upper left corner of the window, indicating that you are browsing in Incognito Mode. The behavior of other browser windows will be as usual without the protection of the privacy mode.

Incognito mode For more information, please use Incognito mode (private browsing).

What is Incognito Mode, What Does It Do?

So what does incognito mode mean? The incognito mode, which you can choose in cases where you do not want your transactions to be recorded on the internet, allows you to use your web browser in privacy. It helps you navigate the internet more comfortably by keeping your information confidential, especially when trading on computers that do not belong to you. This feature, also called incognito window, differs from browser to browser in terms of functionality.

Browsers while surfing the internet with incognito mode; It does not save the information you enter on the forms, the permissions you give through websites, your browsing history and your site data. This feature automatically deletes most data after logout, including cache files. However, some of the activities you log into with a web service such as your internet service provider and mail are still visible.

The incognito mode feature, which can be used in both desktop and mobile browsers, creates a private browsing area independent of the device. Thanks to this mode, you can prevent your bank card and similar data from being stolen and you can avoid the worry of your passwords being recorded. Files you download while in private window are not stored on the browser. However, these files continue to stay on your computer.

Incognito mode is a feature that prevents your activities from being recorded while browsing the internet with web browsers. This application does not make you completely invisible on the browser. Incognito windows only hide your activities on your web browser. Therefore, other people who use the device after you cannot see and detect your movements.

Does It Really Keep You Private?

The incognito mode feature on many browsers allows you to hide your online identity. However, these apps do not offer complete privacy. Your IP address and other information can be recorded and seen by the websites you visit. When you turn on incognito mode, web apps will see you as a new visitor.

In addition, many browsers that save your downloads and bookmarks indicate on the screen what information is recorded when you open a private tab. Incognito mode only prevents some information and data from being uploaded to the device you are using. So using this mode will not make you completely anonymous on the internet.

For example, if there are add-ons and applications that track data usage on your computer, these software will continue to function while using the hidden mode. The feature, which does not record the queries you make through search engines, does not block content such as advertisements and pop-ups, but allows you to browse more easily without being exposed to targeted ads.

As a result, incognito mode allows you to surf the internet without keeping your web visits and queries on your device. However, this feature does not provide complete privacy, as all internet activities are carried out over your real IP address. Although it is inadequate to hide your online identity, it allows you to surf the internet without dealing with processes such as deleting cookies and browser history.

Where Is Incognito Mode Used?

In addition to web browsers, the hidden mode, which can be used on many platforms, is also available on video streaming sites such as Youtube. When you browse the Youtube app using incognito mode, account activities such as search and watch history are not saved. So this feature does not affect your normal viewing experience. When you click the “open incognito mode” option on Youtube, a reminder bar appears at the bottom.

If you use incognito mode while you are logged in to Youtube, the app will act as if you are not logged in to your account. When you disable incognito mode, all your activities are deleted automatically. Another area you can use incognito mode is the Gmail email service. This feature located on smart device applications allows you to control your e-mails more easily.

The Gmail confidential mode feature, which allows you to impose various restrictions on your e-mails, allows you to set expiry dates for the messages you send. It gives you the opportunity to protect your e-mails with restrictions such as setting passwords, blocking copying and printing. In addition, the feature that allows you to revoke access to the e-mails you send helps you to transmit your sensitive content securely.

How to Open in Modern Browsers?

Incognito mode, which is available on both mobile and desktop web browsers, has different usage features. The activation process of this application, which you can open and close in a few steps, varies according to browsers and platforms. If you do these activation processes incorrectly, you may receive a privacy error. That’s why we’ve told you how you can turn on the privacy modes of the most popular browsers.

How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Chrome?

When activating the Google incognito feature on your computer, you must first open your Chrome browser. Then you need to click on the three dots placed on the upper right. You can activate the Google incognito tab feature by clicking the “New Incognito Window” tab in the menu that opens. You can also open it by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N.

In devices with Android and iOS operating systems, you need to click the “Other” tab on the right of the address bar to turn on the incognito mode feature. You can open it by touching the “New Incognito Tab” option from the menu that appears. So how to exit incognito mode? When exiting incognito mode, you can close all tabs and continue using your browser normally.

How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Firefox?

To open the incognito mode on Firefox, you have to click on the three lines in the upper right corner of the browser. Then, you can open the incognito mode by clicking the “New Incognito Window” section from the menu that opens. You can also right-click on any link and start browsing in secret by clicking the “Open in New Incognito Window” option from the menu.

When turning on the Firefox incognito feature on Android devices, you must first click the menu button. Then you can access the site you want privately by tapping the “New Incognito Tab” option. You must click on the tab icon at the bottom when opening a private window on iOS. Then you can tap the mask button at the top and switch your browser to private browsing mode.

How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Internet Explorer?

To enable incognito mode in the Internet Explorer browser, you must first press the settings button. Then you have to click on the “Security” option. You can enable it by clicking the “InPrivate Browsing” tab in the security menu. To exit incognito mode, you can close the tab and start using your browser normally when you see “your connection is not private”.

How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Safari?

To browse in incognito mode with Safari, after opening your browser, click on the “File” section at the top left. You can visit websites while protecting your privacy by selecting the “New Incognito Window” option in the menu that opens. You can also press Command + Shift + N keys on the keyboard to open the “enter in secret mode” option and execute your internet experience in privacy.

To turn your Safari browser into private mode on your mobile devices, you must click the tabs button in the lower right corner. You can open an incognito window by tapping the “Private” option at the bottom left of the opened window and browse the internet without saving the search history. You can go back to the normal browsing window by repeating the same actions.