What is Groceries

What is Groceries?

In the field of maritime transport, groceries are pieces of wood or metal , which are inserted into the spaces that are denoted between the containers , to prevent them from moving during the journey. These are inserted at an acute angle and have been proven to be of great help when protecting merchandise. In the popular speech of Central America , Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, “groceries” is the term used to refer to the stores in which edible products are sold, as well as other essentials .

In countries like Spain, groceries are called “groceries” , since, in ancient times, these venues offered products that came from other territories, that is, from “overseas”. In Latin America, for its part, “groceries” comes from “crowded”, since, after the arrival of the ships loaded with food, these businesses were “crowded”. It should be noted that, especially in Mexico, this type of establishment has a great economic profitability, which is demonstrated by its proliferation since the distant colonial times; These have evolved since then, until they became typical stores, stocked with basic necessities.

The groceries are equipped with cash registers , in addition to others arranged for cutting meats and sausages. Its products include cereals, canned foods , as well as some sugary drinks. These stores abound in lower- middle- class and lower-class areas, offering their clientele a large selection of products. These, in the same way, have been classified by the population as “necessary”, since they represent a quick option to the needs of the day to day.