Today’s topic is G-Suite, an incredibly powerful set of tools that you can use to effectively perform tasks, collaborate with teammates, and even connect with your customers.

What Is G-Suite? Why Do You Need The G-Suite?

G-Suite is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications hosted on Google’s own servers. Google provides these applications to you as a “service” instead of software that you need to download and install. To access these applications, on any device with an internet connection, simply use a web browser.

In short, G-Suite is an enterprise-level group of Google Apps that you can use to run your business.

So what exactly is the difference between the free version of Google Apps and the business version? if you ask, the main difference is that Google apps in G Suite have features that will help you collaborate with employees in your company. These features are generally not available in the free version of Google apps.

For example:

In the G-Suite version of Gmail, you can get professional email addresses that end with your company name (i.e. your name but in the free version, you can get your email address “ ” it should end with.

In the G-Suite version of Google Drive, you get 30 GB of storage per user (larger plans include unlimited storage). But in the free version, you only have the right to use 15 GB.

In the G-Suite version of Google Calendar, you can create multiple calendars for different purposes, each with its own members, schedules, appointments, and more. But in the free version, you only get one calendar to work with.

The biggest advantage of G-Suite over free Google Apps is the great integrations. In G-Suite, you can quickly create email accounts for members of your company / business and easily access Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, and all G-Suite applications. Apps work seamlessly with each other.

Features Of General G-Suite

G-Suite offers many powerful features that help you organize your business processes:

  • Virtually unlimited cloud storage
  • Smart applications (Hangouts, calendar, documents, slides, etc.)
  • Administrator access control
  • Customized user interface
  • Ad-free experience
  • Easy email migration
  • 24/7 support
  • Two-factor authentication
  • APIs to add customizations to the G Suite user experience

In G-Suite, you’ll also find many other features and Google apps that you want to have for your business.

What Does G-Suite Offer Your Business?

G Suite Basic edition is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that offers your business professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings, and much more. (Read More G Suite Basic edition)

What does G Suite offer your business include:

Using G-Suite allows you to access many tools for your business. If we list some of these tools:

  1. Docs: a powerful word processor with many of the same features as Microsoft Word.
  2. Spreadsheets: a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.
  3. Slides: a presentation builder similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint.
  4. Google Drive: a cloud file storage and sharing solution.
  5. Gmail: the most popular email application.
  6. Calendar: a very powerful calendar solution.
  7. Hangouts: a complete video conferencing platform.

The above lists are usually the most commonly used solutions of G-Suite. But in G-Suite, there are many tools that can appeal to each business differently, depending on the needs.

Top 10 Reasons Why Use G Suite for Your Small Business

10 Reasons Businesses Choose G-Suite!

1. Unlimited storage

When you have unlimited storage, you never worry about storage. This is Dropbox etc. allows you to save on expenses. You can save time and money without having to use your email box with quotas.

2. More collaboration features

With Google’s next-generation apps, you can collaborate with colleagues and partners more easily and efficiently than ever before. You can partner with other businesses that use G Suite, even if they are outside your business.

3. Real-time collaboration

Using Google Drive, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, instant messaging, and more that your team can simultaneously view and edit. You can continue to use your Microsoft Office or other products as needed, but you have more options to store and work on your documents.

4. Easier calendar sharing

Google Calendar allows you and your team to quickly and easily share your calendars with each other and determine the details you want to show. Calendar Sharing is a great way to keep each other informed about your programs. It is now easier than ever to find out if someone is in a meeting, on a business trip or on holiday.

5. Security and inspection checks

G-Suite gives you advanced auditing capabilities to get the information you need to investigate breaches, the reports you need to proactively manage security trends and threats. These features save time when you need to investigate a breach.

6. Innovative solutions

You can leverage the creative and technical solutions of the Google Apps platform to provide your employees with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

7. Integration with mobile devices

Google is widely used in various popular smartphone and tablet operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) is pretty good at providing tools and web accessibility.

8. Archiving

Archiving in Google Apps Vault saves you the labor and legal costs required to collect this information during a search.

9. Lower infrastructure costs

Email or file servers and related equipment no longer need to be kept in place.

10. Extensibility through open APIs and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The openness of the G Suite business (through Google’s APIs) and industry standards allow you to combine your systems in the cloud with a very predictable cost structure and methodology. Google is a leader in cloud infrastructure (IaaS) reliability, performance, price and, most importantly, flexibility.

G-Suite Plans

G-Suite offers you three different plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise. Before setting up your account, to decide which of these is better for your company, you need to find the plan that meets all your needs.

1. G-Suite Basic

G Suite’s basic plan is ideal for small and medium-sized companies. Although the Plan is ‘Basic’, it comes with many features. With G Suite Basic, beginners can access the Google Office Suite (documents, spreadsheets, presentations), and each user in your G Suite account has 30 GB of storage in Google Drive.

In addition, in G Suite Basic, Hangouts is available for both chat and meeting, and you can meet up to 100 participants at the same time. You can also access shared calendars in Google Calendar to help your company set and track important dates and events.

2. G-Suite Business

The G-Suite business plan is designed for medium to large companies or teams. Depending on how your workflow is, even if you are part of a small company, this plan may be right for you.

The Business plan has the same features as the basic plan, but some features are more advanced. For example, if you have a team of 5 or more users, you can have unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive. But if your team is smaller, you get 1 TB of storage per user. In Hangouts, you can video conference with up to 150 participants simultaneously.

3. G-Suite Enterprise

The Enterprise plan is the most complete of the G Suite plans. It is therefore recommended for large companies.

The most important difference from other plans is that there are more extra layers of security that protect your G Suite account. You also have a resource to record your video conferences and archive them on Google Drive. In Video conferences, the number of simultaneous participants increases to 250 and can be transmitted to 100,000 viewers.

G Suite Pricing: Which plan should I choose?

Which G-Suite Plan Is Right For You?

If you’re working alone, or you’re a small business with one or two employees, the G Suite Basic plan will probably be enough for you. With this plan, you can have all the basic software such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, slides and Gmail.

The main problem with G-Suite Basic is that Google Drive has only 30 GB of storage. For a complete team that always creates Google Docs, this limit is extremely easy to reach.

There is no limit to the G-Suite Business Plan, Google Drive gives you unlimited storage.

Unfortunately, most people prefer the G Suite Business plan to get unlimited storage space. If Google Drive storage wasn’t so restrictive, the G Suite Basic plan might have been enough for you, too.

Unfortunately, most people prefer the G Suite Business plan to get unlimited storage space. If Google Drive storage wasn’t so restrictive, the G Suite Basic plan might have been enough for you, too.

So what can I use the G-Suite Enterprise for?

The functionality is the same as G-Suite Business and G-Suite Enterprise. Both contain the same applications and the amount of storage. Most people in your company won’t see any difference between the two versions. But G-Suite Enterprise has more advanced administrator and security features. A really big company will necessarily have an IT, HR or legal department that advocates these features. If your business isn’t that big yet, don’t worry. There is no reason other than security to move from G-Suite business to G suite Enterprise.

  1. Most businesses will choose a Business plan to have unlimited storage on Google Drive.
  2. If you have a very small team or don’t use Google Drive a lot, you can use the G-Suite Basic plan.
  3. If your legal counsel, HR, or IT department strongly advocates the G-Suite Enterprise plan, the plan you should use is Enterprise.

G-Suite Payment Plan

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