One of the reasons learning to program feels like a difficult task is because of the huge number of new words, terms and expressions you come across. One of these concepts is Framework. In this article, “What is Framework?” We will consider the question.

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Framework is also translated as software framework or programming framework. You can think of a programming framework as a tool or set of tools that you use to make your life easier while performing common programming tasks.

What is Framework?

In short, Framework, ie programming framework, can be defined as a pre-packaged solution set that provides solutions to general development problems.

Why do people use Framework?

The #1 reason to use the framework is time savings. But as you will soon see, there are a few other benefits you can gain from taking advantage of frames.

Who makes frameworks?

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Who makes frameworks

Sometimes companies create frameworks (Framework) for their own internal use and then release it publicly.

When non-programmers try to imagine what programming is like, they often picture programmers grappling with intellectual challenges, trying to find creative solutions to problems they have never encountered before. And they’re right: Programming is indeed that way, but not always.

Most people ask “What is the purpose of a framework?” His answer to the question would be “to save time”. And this is true. Frameworks help developers save time without having to fix common or recurring problems.

Software development is full of common tasks that all applications of a certain type, or at least most of them, have to solve. Take web apps for example.

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Web applications should solve the routing problem. Have an e-commerce application. When someone points their browser to “your site address”/ products / categories / clothes, the app needs to decipher this URL and take the necessary action. “Taking necessary actions” includes displaying expected results. Therefore, web applications should also solve the problem of creating templates.

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A web application typically has many elements – a header, a main navigation menu, a footer, etc. it appears on most, if not all, pages: Suppose you notice that after you publish the application, one of the navigation elements contains a typo. Changing dozens or even hundreds of pages isn’t easy, but fortunately, that’s not usually done. Typically, what you do is have a file called a template that contains common parts (logo, header, footer, etc.). You then use programming to add variable contents to templates. In a nutshell, this is templating.

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Routing and template creation are the two most common problems web apps have to solve. And these are solved problems. Writing them over and over is what is called “reinventing the wheel” in software circles. Developers save time through web framework.

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However, time saving is not the only use case for a programming framework. Frames can also make a difference when it’s an important area: security.

Security is a super difficult part of software development. It is very important for developers to do this right, but it is also easy to get wrong.

The software framework makes this easy by offering built-in security features. For example, such and such framework facilitates developers’ functions such as authentication and authorization, email verification, and more.

What is the Web Framework?

What is the Web Framework?

What is the Web Framework?

Most people today think of web Framework when they hear the word Framework, and for a reason: This type of Framework has changed the way web development is done and has made it easier for millions of developers to create useful applications.

So what is the web Framework and how does it work? Web Framework helps developers create web applications, also called dynamic websites. These are websites that you didn’t create with pure HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Instead, they use a programming language to interact with a database and then create final content. Web Framework makes this process much easier.

Most of the most popular web frameworks adopt a model known as MVC, which stands for model-view-controller. The MVC model aims to make it easier to develop by clearly dividing the problems in an application into three well-defined layers.

What is Software framework?

In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software. Read More

Framework / Reinventing the Wheel

The framework is ubiquitous in today’s software development industry. There are frameworks that can meet almost any development need by moving from mobile to web development, desktops and APIs. Using programming frameworks will make your life easier. You’ll spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time getting creative and solving problems you’re good at solving. Your application will be more secure and compliant with common rules and best practices. Getting help will also be easier: Developers who have experience with this framework can help you more easily.

Framework and Library Difference

Developers often use the terms “Library” and “Framework” interchangeably. But it is different. Primarily, both are codes written by someone else that are used to help solve common problems. Both the Library and Framework are reusable code written by someone else. Their purpose is to help you solve common problems in easier ways. A Framework reverses the control of the program. It tells the developer what they need. A library doesn’t do that.