What is Berlusconi's Squirrel Operation: the plan for the Quirinale – RB

What is Berlusconi’s Squirrel Operation: the plan for the Quirinale – RB

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is Berlusconi’s Operation Squirrel: the plan for the Quirinale – RB

What is Berlusconi’s Squirrel Operation: the plan for the Quirinale – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. What is Berlusconi’s Squirrel Operation: the plan for the Quirinale – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

What is Berlusconi’s Squirrel Operation: the plan for the Quirinale – RB

There is more and more talk of Operation Squirrel . It is not a code name of a new company of the Young Marmots, but it concerns Silvio Berlusconi , the leader of the center-right and president of Forza Italia. The Cav has nominated itself as the new President of the Republic in place of Sergio Mattarella. A move discussed and criticized even among the ranks of the Azzurri, and which could however materialize in his election to Colle. A scenario that over the days seems to fade more and more, given the difficulties in implementing the plan and the many walls on which its allies are clashing, as also anticipated by Vittorio Sgarbi . But what does Operation Scoiattolo consist of?

Silvio Berlusconi, the plan to become the new President of the Republic

Immediately after the summit of the center-right at Villa Grande , the new Roman residence of the former premier, the support of moderate and right-wing parties seemed a certainty for the Cavaliere. In a joint statement, the various sides of the coalition had in fact indicated him as the only candidate in the elections for the Quirinale.

In the following days, however, the ghost of the francs shooters would have started to obsess Silvio Berlusconi, so much so that he received the advice to have the ballots scored by the allies. The veteran Clemente Mastella stated on the pages of Corriere della Sera that he advised the president of Forza Italia to have the parliamentarians write different formulas.

Ideally, those of Forza Italia should write “Silvio Berlusconi”, those of the Lega “Berlusconi Silvio”, those of the Brothers of Italy simply “Berlusconi” and so on, to count the loyalists. Plan, however, that could be skipped if the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico should decide to read only the surnames of the characters indicated in the catafalques. Which this year, however, will not be there, because they will be replaced by anti Covid booths.

Who are the squirrels of the operation for Silvio Berlusconi’s Quirinale

However, Operation Squirrel does not concern parliamentarians close to the Cavaliere, at least in terms of deployment. The name of the plan to get elected would have been invented by Silvio Berlusconi himself, and the squirrels would be the parliamentarians and the great voters to be tracked down, kicked out and persuaded to write his name on the white ballots.

In short, the undecided and those belonging to different political forces from those of the center-right coalition. Which, like the small mammals that live in the woods, are unpredictable, fast and subject to sudden changes.

The squirrels that Silvio Berlusconi wants to hunt, and who are first and foremost the parliamentarians of the Pd . Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, declared his opposition to the eventual election of the historic opponent to the Hill. But within the center-left formation there are numerous currents, which are close to the Forza Italia line, and which could hide another type of snipers, this time pleasing to the former premier.

The other objective is instead composed of the 5 Star Movement . Also in this case the president Giuseppe Conte said he was against the name of Silvio Berlusconi, but considering the past alliances, it is not excluded that some pentastellati opt for a right-wing name.

However, the largest pool of squirrels is represented by the Group Mixed and by the ranks of Italia Viva , with the exiles from other parties willing to barter a vote for security that does not end the legislature and therefore continues the political career, and the moderate Renzians who have always been close to the policies of Forza Italia.

If Mario Draghi were to go up the hill, Silvio Berlusconi has already announced that the government would fall . And at present it may be impossible to arrive at the formation of a new executive.

The new President of the Republic would thus be forced to dissolve the Chambers and officially start a new legislature, with current parliamentarians who would lose their seats and related privileges. It is reasonable to think, therefore, that a name as divisive as that of Silvio Berlusconi could also please those who, holding their noses, choose to continue their political career .

However, according to some loyalists to the Cav, such as Vittorio Sgarbi, there would be no numbers for the election, not even involving the squirrels. And the allies would already seem to slip away, like Matteo Salvini, who is proposing other names, as anticipated here. We have talked here about the challenge launched by Silvio Berlusconi Mario Draghi and here about the strategy of the Cav to get to the Colle.