French bun hairstyle

What is a French Bun? How is it done?

Are you ready to dazzle with a French bun hairstyle? The French bun is one of the most elegant and elegant hairstyles of recent years. You should try the French bun model, which stands out with its elegance among the knob models, as soon as possible.

Although the French bun is prominent in night style, it can be added to everyday hairstyles in a very practical way with natural touches. After learning how to make a French style bun, you can go in front of the mirror and start experimenting. While you may not achieve the perfect look the first time, we are sure it will look very cool on the second and third.

What is a french bun?

french bun

The French bun is a twisted hair bun model in which a thick strand of hair is made by rotating it. The French bun is suitable for medium to long hair. In addition to seeing the French knob models at the neck, we also see high French knob models. The French bun, which is one of the different bun models, is one of the favorite styles of women who love flashy and voluminous hair.

How to make a french bun?

How to make a french bun

You don’t need to use heat for the French bun. Comb your hair first so they look smooth. Then twist the strand of hair on your neck with a thick hair brush and secure it with a wire clip. You can also find the strand of hair on your neck vertically upwards or right / left. Your French bun shape is completely left! If you have long hair, you can try this hairstyle above as well.

French bun hairstyles

French braided hair bun

French braided hair bun

If you want to choose the most elegant among the braided bun models, you can consider the braided French bun hairstyle. This hairstyle will look especially great on special occasions such as weddings and engagements.

Messy French bun

Messy French bun

To adapt the French hair bun to your daily life, you should use it in a messy style. Messy bun models will look great on the go to work or on romantic dates. After you’ve done your bun, you can make your bun look messy by removing small strands of hair from the edges of your bun.

Tidy French knob

Tidy French knob

Lovers of classic hairstyles are here! Not if we show you this very classic, cool and attractive French bun model!

On special occasions, you can make the French bun hairstyle high, so that the contours of your face are raised upwards and you can look cooler. The high French bun will give you a more compact look.

Easy, side french knob

Easy side french knob

If you have 10 minutes to get out of the house, it’s more than enough for the easy French bun! First, comb your hair and make a ponytail at the back of the neck. Twist the ponytail to give a French bun look at the nape.

Pearly French knob

French knob

You can use your pearl hair accessories to adapt your French bun for the night. Stone hair accessories to match your evening gown can also inspire you!