What is a heart massage How is it done You must learn

What is a (CPR) heart massage? How is it done? You must learn

In some cases, the heart may stop due to any reason and heart massage may be required for the heart to work again. What is heart massage and how is it done? ”Must be known. In some cases, cardiac massage is performed in the hospital by authorized persons, in some cases it can be performed in other environments if needed. Therefore, it should be known how to perform heart massage just in case, and people who do not know should never apply heart massage.

Heart massage can be applied by the first assistant. The purpose of performing cardiac massage is to run the stopped heart, to restore respiration and to regulate the person’s pulse movements. In this way, it is ensured that the person is kept alive until the ambulance arrives. It should be known what should be considered for a successful heart massage. Cardiac massage applications for adults and children may differ.

Watch: How Is A Heart Massage Performed?

Transcript: You Arrive on the Scene Check the scene for safety. Check the victim for consciousness. Gently tap the shoulder and shout. No Response Call 911 immediately. If the adult is on his or her stomach, turn the person over onto his or her back. The person should be lying on a hard flat surface. Check for Breathing and Signs of Life Watch the chest for any normal movement. Look for signs of life and breathing for no more than 10 seconds. No Breathing or Signs of Life Begin CPR a. Position the heel of one hand on the center of the adult’s chest. Place your other hand on top. b. With your elbows locked and arms straight, lean over the adult and compress the chest 2 inches in depth 30 times. c. After 30 compressions, give breaths by tilting the head back, lifting the chin and pinching the nose. Give two slow and gentle breaths. The chest should rise with each breath. d. Continue with 30 compressions / two breaths, 30 compressions / two breaths, etc. Continue CPR until another rescuer takes over, you see signs of life or help arrives.

For more information visit: https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/c/adult-cpr (CPR)

How Is Heart Massage Performed?

If an adult person is to have heart massage, the person’s vital signs are checked first. The look, listen and feel method is applied. In this method, it is checked whether the patient has chest movements. Their breathing is listened to, and it is felt whether there are pulsating movements from a pulsating artery. If these findings do not respond, it means that the patient’s breathing and circulation are impaired. The patient is immediately transported by finding a firm floor.

The person administering first aid takes a suitable position for the patient. The patient’s head is slightly retracted and placed vertically in the middle of the chest bones by clamping the hands. The rib cage is collapsed by 4 or 5 cm. In cardiac massage, up to 10 letters of V are added by keeping the tempo such as 1V 2V. After the number 10, the numbers continue normally. Chest compressions are continued up to 30.

fter 30 chest compressions, the patient is given 2 artificial respiration and chest movements are monitored. After this application, every 3 minutes, it is checked whether the patient’s vital signs are restored. The heart massage application is stopped as soon as it arrives. But if not, 30 chest compressions and 2 artificial respiration applications are continued. The first aid person repeats these processes until they get tired or emergency aid arrives.

How Is Heart Massage For Babies?

If the person to be treated with CPR is a baby, it is not right to massage it like a heart massage for adults. Their sternum may be more sensitive and fragile. Therefore, it is important to know how to apply heart massage to babies.

How Is Heart Massage For Babies

Babies should be given heart massage as follows:

  • The awareness of the baby should be evaluated.
  • If your environment is crowded, you should tell a person you choose to call the ambulance.
  • The baby should be placed on a firm ground.
  • Clothing should be loosened.
  • It is checked whether there is any factor that will obstruct the baby’s breathing. The foreign body, if any, is removed with a single action, consciously.
  • Findings are determined using the look, listen and feel method.
  • The baby is given a head-chin position.
  • If the baby is not breathing, 2 artificial respiration is given to the baby first.
  • The chest center is determined and 30 chest compressions are made using only the ring finger and middle finger.
  • After 30 chest compressions, 2 artificial respiration is given again and this event is repeated until vital signs come.
  • The difference of this application from CPR applied to adults is that both hands are clamped in adults, whereas in babies, only two fingers are clamped and pressure is applied.

How to Give Heart Massage to Children?

In children, heart massage is performed by placing a single hand on the chest. It is done in the same way with 30 chest compressions and 2 artificial respiration.

Who Can Have Heart Massage?

Heart Massage is not available to everyone and can cause a dangerous situation.

Heart massage is given to:

  • Adults with stopped heart
  • Heart-stopped children
  • Babies with a stopped heart
  • People who have stopped circulation

Heart massage can be applied to these people by using the right methods and techniques.