What If You Lived Online for a Month

How to survive one month without home internet? Nah, it’s not a very live issue right now. Let’s talk about what would happen if you lived on the internet for a month! What would be it like to live completely online? So, imagine. Midnight. You’ve been lying in bed, scrolling your feed for the last half hour. Suddenly, one post grabs your attention. “Mass reports of people not being able to go offline,” it reads. Some sensation-hungry tabloid making a story again, no doubt. You shrug and put down the phone. Time to go to sleep.You wake up holding something in your hand. Your smartphone. Weird. You clearly remember putting it on the bedstand. You unlock it, and a post similar to the one yesterday pops up at once. “Thousands of people unable to put down their devices.” What’s that, some prank gone out of control? You press the screen lock button but nothing happens. You press it several more times, still to no effect. And then you realize you can’t move your eyes away from the screen..

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