The social network of the moment has decided that it will eliminate the likes. For now, this decision is in a trial period but we can already predict some of its consequences.

A few months ago, a rumor began to spread that Instagram would remove the likes from its application. What many thought was one more fake news, became a reality when Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, announced last July that the social network would begin a test of hiding likes in seven countries. Next, we explain why this decision was made and what its consequences will be.

Why will Instagram likes be removed?

This news received a lot of criticism for and against. For some, and that was the main argument of the company to make such a decision, remove the likes on Instagram.

It will involve promoting content over gaining popularity and ego recognition. It is also believed that there will not be as much social pressure and it will help protect the self-esteem of its users. In addition, experts assure that this decision will eliminate the false influencers generated by the purchase of likes, since it will be more difficult to be hired by companies.

Opinions against

On the other side are those who think that this is a very bad decision. According to this group of people, Instagram likes are an element that encourages competition and creativity, and encourages the uploading of better and better content that captures the interest of users, manifested in the number of likes. In addition, those who oppose the measure also affirm that the decision will affect the commercial dealings between the users of this social network and the companies that hire them based on their number of followers and likes on Instagram.

Possible consequences

Although the removal of likes on Instagram is still in a trial period and it is still too early to expose its real consequences, some of them can be predicted.

The greatest impact will be seen in the relationship that exists between companies and users who sell advertising and promote services and products. From now on, with the decision to eliminate likes, companies will demand contracts based on actual sales or visits generated to their accounts. Until now, likes could be bought and therefore, there were fake influencers who had many likes and established contracts with companies. In other words, it is said that thanks to the removal of the little heart of Instagram, the social network will become healthier. And only real influencers, such as these, will survive.

The other great consequence that is expected to be achieved behind the decision is a public health fact, which we have already mentioned, and which consists of not generating more stress among the users of this social network. All users, but especially the youngest, are forced to build a public image of themselves that can win the approval of others through likes. Not getting the expected likes, or having fewer likes than other people around you, can have serious alterations in self-esteem.

Soon we will see the results of the test of removing likes on Instagram and we will know if they were as expected. For the moment, and what we can be sure of is that the controversy will continue for a long period.