I guess everyone who came to this post encountered a Snapchat message pending return. What does Snapchat mean waiting for messages, which can appear occasionally on Snapchat, one of the world famous social media platforms, today? I will tell about this. In our article, we tried to get the most details about the subject, but in fact there is no problem.

What is Snapchat Message Pending?

Snapchat message waiting is usually seen when you send an audio, video or text message. The reason why the Snapchat application gives you such a feedback instead of just sending the message is simply that you don’t have an internet connection. If Snapchat does not detect an internet connection, it puts the message on hold until the internet arrives and sends it automatically when the internet comes.

This way, you won’t have to try sending the message over and over again. An exact feature of the same is also available in the WhatsApp application. Likewise, if you send a message when there is no internet, the WhatsApp application keeps your message until the internet comes and sends it automatically when the internet comes.

How to Fix Snapchat Message Waiting?

What Does Snapchat Mean Message Pending

If you say that you have internet and still get such a return, I will ask you to unplug your modem, plug it back in a minute or so, then turn your phone off and turn it back on immediately. In this way, the cache is cleared on both your modem and your phone. There is a possibility that this will resolve the situation.

Apart from that, in summary, the only solution is whether you have the internet or not. If you cannot solve this problem in any way, then you can delete the Snapchat application and install it again. As the last option, you can enter your Snapchat account on another device and experiment. These solutions are the only solutions I can offer you in this regard. This is the only way to fix Snapchat message pending return.

How to Send a Message to Someone Who’s Not Snapchat Attached

It is technically possible to send a message to someone who is not attached to Snapchat, but the person you want to send a message to must have the option to receive messages from everyone in the settings, if this setting is not turned on, that person simply needs to accept your friend request. If the person accepts your friend request, then you can send a message at any time.