What did Draghi say about no vax. And what happens to the school – RB

What did Draghi say so strongly about no vax. And what happens at the school – RB

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What did Draghi say so loud about no vax. And what happens at the school – RB

What did Draghi say so strongly about no vax. And what happens to the school – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. What did Draghi say about no vax. And what happens to the school – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

What did Draghi say so loud about no vax. And what happens to the school – RB

On the day of the entry into force of the de facto lockdown for the unvaccinated, with new restrictive rules such as the super green pass, which follows the vaccination obligation for those over 50 years, Prime Minister Draghi chooses to hold a press conference , in the late afternoon, to clarify once again an essential point: we must get vaccinated, for us and for the people who they stand next to us.

The prime minister explained that “this press conference comes as a response to the criticisms that the government and I in particular have received for not holding the press conference on the day the Council of Ministers approved the decree. In my opinion there was also an underestimation of the expectations that everyone had for that press conference on my part and others, so I apologize and please consider this as a restorative act “.

But Draghi does not mince words, lashing out against the unvaccinated who – the data clearly demonstrate – at this moment occupy more than 80% hospitalizations and intensive care. A huge damage for all citizens who are forced to postpone interventions, visits and examinations, or to wait whole days in the emergency room, because the hospitals are clogged. Moreover, often from no vax who do not even accept treatment and denigrate the work of doctors and nurses.

How much do no vax cost us

The High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems of the Catholic University calculated the impact on the national health service : 94% of the unvaccinated hospitalized would not be hospitalized in the medical area if they had been vaccinated, and, among the unvaccinated intensive care patients, the 96% would have avoided it (here the Regions that now risk collapse).

Not to mention the cost that the no vaxes have for the State, that is, for each of us, a cost so high that it has a significant impact on the balance of health expenditure.

The daily cost of hospitalization is 709 $ in the medical area, of 1. 680 $ in intensive care . According to Altems data, 4 million a day avoidable due to hospitalization and 1 million e 100 avoidable for intensive care, over 5 million $ a day avoidable if everyone was vaccinated.

If we add to this figure 21 millions for tampons, we arrive at 26 millions per day: it is the cost that the community incurs every day because not everyone undergoes vaccination . Per month they are 780 millions and 10 billions all ‘year, 8% of all our health expenditure.

Draghi’s attack on the unvaccinated

The vaccination obligation from 50 years was ordered on the basis of the data, which say that those who are more than 50 years is at greater risk, explained Draghi. Highlighting how the intensive care units are 2/3 occupied by unvaccinated people and hospitalizations the same. “We must never lose sight of an observation, namely that a large part of today’s problems depend on the fact that there are people who are not vaccinated”.

“The more we reduce the pressure on hospitals, the freer we will be,” he remarked. “Another objective of this press conference – continued the Prime Minister – is to send yet another invitation to all Italians not yet vaccinated to do so. I sincerely thank those who have already done so “.

As for the measures, today there is a “different picture” from the one that characterized the most serious phase of the pandemic, underlined the premier. It is necessary “to hit the virus without keeping everything closed”, “we want Italy to remain open with all the necessary precautions”. All vaccinated so as not to return to lockdown all.

School in attendance or do you go back to Dad?

The government – the premier explained – is facing the challenge of the pandemic and the spread of variants with a slightly different approach than in the past. On school the approach is clear, and sacrosanct: “We want to be very cautious but also try to minimize the economic and social effects on boys and girls, who have been more affected than others by the closures from a psychological and training point of view. The school is fundamental for our democracy, it must be protected and protected, not abandoned “.

Not going to school and then to a pizzeria and playing sports would be absurd. “It makes no sense to close the school first of all, there are no reasons to do so, the situation is very different thanks to vaccines and the government has the priority that the school is open in the presence” he remarks.

As for distance learning, it is clear how it exacerbates inequalities: “It is enough to look at the effects of the inequality between students created by Dad last year to be convinced that this school system causes inequalities destined to remain”.

Although “probably” there will be an increase in Dad in the coming weeks, but the generalized appeal to Dad is to be rejected “, clarifies the premier.


As for resources, “the budget law already provides for allocations for sectors in difficulty. There are various measures, for the moment we use these “.

The government, he explains, is making a reflection to address “in the most satisfactory way” the support needs determined by this resumption of the pandemic. “I do not exclude that other resources may be found, we have not yet thought about whether a budget variance is necessary”.

Dear bills

It also touches the knot of dear bills Draghi. The Budget Law has already allocated approximately 3.5 billion to address the emergency bills in the first quarter and other measures are expected to be taken in the following quarter and in the following months.

And he pushes for a equal distribution of benefits and risks: “The way of government support is important but it cannot be the only one: it is necessary to ask those who have made huge profits from this increase in the price of gas to share these profits with the rest of the company “.

No government crisis

With regard to the government action, Draghi finally observed that “the experience of these 11 months was one very large majority where diversity of views must be accepted . There is no need to seek mediation at all costs but for some important measures unanimity is very important, and that the result of mediation makes sense. For the rest, it is clear that differences and differences of opinion have never hindered government action “.

No government crisis on the horizon : “The differences of views that have existed on this decree are of far inferior to those that have occurred on other occasions, such as on the reform of justice. It is neither a new nor a particularly dramatic experience ”. The differences of views are “natural”, “the important thing is that in the majority we notice that there is a desire to work together and to arrive at shared decisions. As long as there is that the government goes on well, that is the essential “.